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Gaza War reaches South Korea: Pro-Israeli protesters threatened, cursed by pro-Hamas demonstration

South Korean Christians are showing solidarity with Israel

Pro-Israel demonstration in front the Israeli embassy in Seoul, South Korean (Photo courtesy)

The war between Israel and the Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip has caused waves of protests supporting one side or the other all over the world, including South Africa, Norway, and now – South Korea.

For some time now, a pro-Palestinian demonstration has taken place every week near the Israeli embassy in Seoul, the capital of the Asian country with a large Christian population.

Witnessing the anti-Israeli demonstrations, local pastor Gunkuk Jeon decided to initiate a combined worship and demonstration 'event' in front of the embassy, proclaiming the “evil of Hamas,” a local Christian told ALL ISRAEL NEWS.

When Pastor Jeon saw the weekly pro-Palestine protests he took action.

“I decided to go out and show that at least one person is opposed to this,” he told the YouTube channel Brad TV, adding that Hamas’ Islamist aspirations to a global Muslim Caliphate are a danger to Korea, as well. That is what prompted the pro-Israel demonstration.

“Every Saturday, in Korea we are doing this pro-Israel demonstration proclaiming, ‘Free Palestine from Hamas! Free North Korea from Kim Jong Un!’,” a local Christian told ALL ISRAEL NEWS.

The protesters lifted banners saying, “Korea stands with Israel,” “Destroy completely Hamas (sic),” and “Evil Hamas! Release all the hostages,” among others, alongside Israeli and South Korean flags and Christian worship banners.

Last Saturday, the situation grew unusually tense, as anti-Israeli protesters passed by the pro-Israeli demonstrators who were packing up to leave.

The pro-Palestinian demonstrators could be seen waving Palestinian flags and chanting, “Free Palestine!” while some of them began yelling and threatening the pro-Israeli group, which resulted in a large number of police officers arriving at the scene.

The pro-Palestinian event was organized by the Korean “Workers’ Solidarity” group, a Marxist organization that began coordinating protests soon after the war began, even before the start of Israel’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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