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Fighting in Gaza City intensifies, Israel says it killed 30 Hamas terrorists and several top Hamas commandos

IDF has struck over 15,000 terror targets since beginning of war

IDF troops operating inside Gaze (source: IDF)

Over the past 24 hours, operating on precise IDF intelligence, Israeli soldiers have killed numerous Hamas' Nukhba terrorists who participated in the October 7th massacre.

Among the terrorists were Ahmed Musa, a company commander, and Omar Al-Hindi, a platoon commander, both located in western Jabalya. 

Musa was one of the commanders leading the invasion into the Zikim Base, Kibbutz Zikim and the Yiftah Outpost. Over the last few days, he led attacks against IDF troops in the area of western Jabalya. 

In addition, based on IDF and Shin Bet intelligence, the head of the sniper unit of Hamas’ Northern Brigade, Mohammed Kahlout, was eliminated. 

Operating on Shin Bet intelligence, IDF troops overnight struck 19 Hamas terrorists who were planning to attack IDF troops. 

Furthermore, IDF troops found a shipping container located at a beach, containing approximately 20 rocket launchers. In addition, during an operation in Sheikh Ijlin, the troops searched for evidence of weapons in the southern part of Gaza City, locating a rocket launcher adjacent to resident buildings. All weapons were confiscated or destroyed by IDF troops. 

IDF soldiers of the 7th Brigade conducted raids on a Hamas military post and a training compound located in the heart of civilian areas inside the northern Gaza Strip over the last few days. The soldiers secured buildings and seized dozens of weapons, missiles, UAVs, maps, communication devices, mortars, attack drones and technological assets.

During the raid, the troops eliminated approximately 30 terrorists and raided the office of Muhammad Sinwar, the brother of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, where they found documentation of military doctrine. 

In an additional operation, forces from the 7th Brigade, alongside soldiers of the Yahalom Special Ops Engineering Unit, conducted a raid on a military post of the Hamas "Zabra" Battalion. 

The forces discovered operation and calibration systems for anti-aircraft missiles near a rocket launcher designated for attacks against Israel. IDF soldiers also found several mortars, weapons, a loaded rocket launcher, technological assets, electronic components and multiple intelligence documents that were used by the Hamas terrorist organization. 

The IDF announced that since the beginning of the war, over 15,000 terror targets of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have been struck, and over 6,000 weapons have been confiscated or destroyed, including anti-tank missile launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, rockets and mortars, explosives and ammunition.

Late Friday morning, Palestinian sources reported fighting near the Ranteesi Hospital in Gaza City. The IDF has not yet confirmed if its troops are operating near the hospital.

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