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Christian leaders send letter to President Biden warning that failure to support Israel could endanger US

Leaders highlight actions contradicting Biden’s stated support for Jewish state

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One hundred fifty-seven Christian leaders representing different streams of Christianity in the United States, wrote a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden, under the banner of American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI), to express their disappointment with recent actions by his administration towards Israel. 

In the letter, the leaders warned that these actions would embolden the mutual enemies of both Israel and the United States and encouraged Biden to make “a course correction.” 

Among the actions the leaders specified were:

  • Holding Israel responsible for all civilian casualties in Gaza, despite Hamas being the official government of the people there. 

  • Repeatedly accusing Israel of deliberately blocking humanitarian aid to Gaza, while not calling out Hamas for stealing much of that aid, and holding the terror group accountable. 

  • Abandoning Israel in the UN Security Council during a recent vote for a ceasefire in Gaza, which did not place any significant demands on Hamas. 

  • Trying to force Israel into accepting a two-state solution, despite the vast majority of Israelis disapproving of such a solution, and the rejection of multiple two-state offers by the Palestinian leadership. The leaders pointed out that such an action is “essentially rewarding Hamas for its barbaric attack on Israeli civilians on Oct. 7 and sending a message to terrorist networks worldwide that such savagery would bring results, endangering the U.S. and the entire Western world.” 

  • Waiving sanctions on Iran, despite its role in helping plan and finance the Oct. 7 attacks and its role in attacks on U.S. forces in the region. 

  • Endorsing comments by Democratic politicians calling for “regime change” in Israel by removing a popularly elected public official. 

  • The letter called on Biden to make “a clear course correction,” demanding that Hamas surrender and release all hostages, that Biden “unequivocally support” Israel’s efforts to defeat Hamas and remove them from Gaza, and that the U.S. reinstate all previous sanctions on Iran until it stops funding terror proxies in the region. 

The letter was drafted and circulated to the leaders for signatures before the Iranian attack on Israel on April 13-14. It was then sent with a cover letter thanking Biden, Israel’s Western allies, France and the United Kingdom, as well as Jordan and Saudi Arabia, for their roles in defending Israel during the Iranian attack. 

American Christian Leaders for Israel is a project of the U.S. branch of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem and seeks to address the Christian support for Israel in America in a unified manner. 

Several of the signatories provided statements to ALL ISRAEL NEWS about the letter, explaining why they felt it necessary to address the issue directly with the president.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, stated:

"The Biden administration has all but abandoned America’s strongest, most significant Middle Eastern ally. Even as President Biden declared his “ironclad” support of Israel, the world knows he’s simultaneously tied Netanyahu’s hands and made the Jewish state vulnerable to greater hostilities. As the Jewish state stands on the brink of war with the entire Islamic world, this president and his party seem more intent on placating his radical, anti-Semitic base than supporting Israel’s right to self-defense." 

"During a recent visit to Israel, I met with survivors of the October 7 attack and family members of the hostages. I also had the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and engage in discussions regarding the current challenges facing the nation. Among the many topics discussed, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed an urgent need for Americans who support Israel to visibly show their support. We discussed the importance of solidarity and prayer as powerful expressions of support that can make a meaningful difference in the relationship between the United States and Israel. The prime minister’s request, along with an understanding and commitment to scripture is why we are calling Christians to unite in prayer and stand in unwavering support for Israel on Sunday, May 19 by dedicating a portion of their worship services to pray for Israel's peace, prosperity, and protection."

Gary Bauer, President of American Values, told ALL ISRAEL NEWS: “We feel very strongly that the U.S.-Israel alliance is arguably the most important alliance in the world when it comes to the defense of freedom. We are very aware of the fact that Israel’s enemies, who shout, ‘Death to Israel’, almost always add, ‘Death to America.’ 

So, we’re deeply disappointed that we have elements in the United States now who not only disagree with what I just said but are motivated by a hatred of Israel and a hatred of the United States.” 

Janet Parshall, host of IN THE MARKET WITH JANET PARSHALL, wrote: "America has a long and faithful history of supporting Israel, as both an ally and a friend, since its inception. We have always understood that the Jewish State remains the single stalwart defender of democracy in the Middle East. But under this current U.S. administration, there has been a dangerous shift in both policy and public proclamations. We cannot abandon Israel before the UN Security Council or interfere with the process of self-governance by calling for a regime change in Israel. Nor should we ever make baseless accusations against Israel in the hopes of garnering support from certain segments of the American voting public."

“There is no moral equivalency between the actions taken by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7 and Israel's right to defend itself. As is their standard practice, Israel continues to protect innocent civilians by sending texts and dropping leaflets before military action is taken. But make no mistake, Israel has the sovereign right to protect itself - and our job, as Americans, is to ensure that the Jewish state always has the unwavering support of the American government. To do otherwise creates peril not only for Israel but for the United States as well."

"As Christians in America, we need to use our voices to influence our government to commit to stand with Israel, now and always. PM Netanyahu is right in claiming that our values our Israel's values - and that the historic linkage between our two nations supersedes good geopolitics. It is a transcendent bond that unites us through the Judeo-Christian foundation on which strong democracies are built. To my fellow Christians, I ask you to speak up now, 'for Zion's sake.'"

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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