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Christian company runs Israeli archaeological site linked with biblical city of Tamar

The Bible describes Tamar as one of the desert-based cities built by King Solomon

Hatzeva Fortress (Photo: Bukvoed/Wikimedia Commons)

Private Michigan-based Christian organization Blossoming Rose runs the Hatzeva Fortress archaeological site near the Dead Sea – not the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

The Hatzeva site is associated with the biblical city of Tamar, which is mentioned in chapter nine of the first Book of Kings. The Bible describes Tamar as one of the desert-based cities built by King Solomon.

According to Blossoming Rose President Dr. DeWayne Coxon, the Israeli Antiquities Authority and its officials, Dr. Rudolph Cohen and Dr. Yigal Israel, asked the organization to excavate the site and the company has been doing so for the past 20 years.

“These biblical facts resonate with Christians who are serious about understanding more about God’s plan for the Messianic unity between Christians and Jews. That desire for unity drew over 60 people from Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Canada, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin to fly to Israel, to work with their hands, to rebuild the ancient walls, and to excavate even deeper into the history of biblical Tamar,” Coxon told i24NEWS. 

The Israeli Parks Authority was not interested in the site, according to its director.

“We tried to reach the Jewish National Fund and later the Israeli Parks Authority and ask them to take control of the site, but they refused,” Dr. Israel said, complimenting the Christian organization on its management of the site.

“They are doing a good job; the place is clean and protected and they prevent antiquities looting. I wish every site would run like this,” he said.

The site has been dated to the Iron Age and holds a multitude of ruins from different periods, including three fortresses, the remains of a small shrine, the ruins of Roman baths, a Roman castle and ruins from the Hellenistic and Muslim eras. 

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