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British Interior Minister accuses London's Metropolitan Police of bias in favor of pro-Palestinian protests

Pro-Palestine marches have taken place in London every week since Oct. 7

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators sit at Charing Cross Station, holding placards and waving flags in London, Nov. 4, 2023. (Photo: Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto)

Britain’s interior minister, Suella Braverman, recently accused the London Police of favoring pro-Palestinian protests, in addition to unequal enforcement of protests. 

In a piece for The Times, Braverman accused London's police officers of ignoring illegal behavior by “pro-Palestinian mobs” and applying a “double standard” to policing protests. 

Braverman said aggressive right-wing protests have been “rightly met with a stern response” while pro-Palestinian protesters have been “largely ignored.” 

The British minister said there is a “perception that senior police officers play favorites when it comes to protesters.”

And she described pro-Palestine protesters as “hate marchers.” 

After British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak posted to social media that planning protests on Armistice Day “is provocative and disrespectful,” Braverman posted a response. 

“I agree with the Prime Minister. It is entirely unacceptable to desecrate Armistice Day with a hate march through London,” she posted to X, formerly Twitter. 

Braverman described the popular pro-Palestine chant – “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” v as a racist call for the destruction of Israel. 

Her remarks were attacked by opposition politicians as inflammatory when she was accused of trying to gain popularity in the Conservative Party ahead of a potential party leadership vote.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been held in London every week since Oct. 7, before the Israeli ground invasion of the northern Gaza Strip. 

While most marches have been peaceful, Metropolitan Police in London have made several arrests. 

Two female suspects were arrested for wearing shirts with images of Hamas paragliders to a protest. 

Police have also warned that anyone wearing Hamas paraphernalia will be arrested. 

On Oct. 13, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said, “We will not tolerate any glorification or support of terrorist organizations. Hamas is a proscribed terrorist organization. We will not tolerate celebration of terrorism or death, full stop, and you will be arrested.” 

At the same time, Metro Police have warned that antisemitic incidents have risen in London since Oct. 7. 

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