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Hamas proves even Gazan lives don’t matter

Palestinians carry bags of flour they grabbed from an aid truck near an Israeli checkpoint, in Gaza City, February 19, 2024. (Photo: REUTERS/Kosay Al Nemer/File Photo)

While October 7 taught us just how much Hamas hates Israel and the Jewish people, in its wake, we’ve also discovered that their abhorrence and disdain are not solely reserved for us. It shockingly extends to their own people who, to them, are dispensable pawns, unworthy of regard or sympathy, although that should not surprise anyone.

We know this from recent reports, which have been disclosed, by a senior Israeli defense official, who stated, “There is no food shortage in Gaza; there are those who are hungry since Hamas has taken all of the food and they don’t have enough money to pay Hamas on the black market. The food does not reach those who need it most since Hamas controls approximately 70-80% of the area. What happens is that Israel and foreign countries bring food and aid into Gaza. Then gangs take the supplies at gunpoint, and a significant portion of the population is left unable to afford necessities.”

This heartless, callous and inhumane revelation attests to everything we suspected about Hamas terrorists. The facts have, nonetheless, been carefully sanitized by the media, radical progressives and ignorant young people, who love nothing better than joining “a cause.” In this case, it is to cheer on ruthless and cold-hearted terrorist gangs who would rather see their population starve than show the slightest mercy to those who find themselves without food. Do pro-Palestinian supporters not know this or are they just as cold and depraved as their heroes? 

According to a Jerusalem Post editorial entitled, “There is no famine in Gaza,” in this weekend’s newspaper, “After crossing the border, trucks often fall prey to criminal gangs and Hamas, who hijack these supplies for sale on the black market. This action deprives people in desperate need of food, particularly those without the financial means or physical strength to secure it.”

Would the knowledge of such an outrageous act, as Hamas and Gazan thugs keeping food from their fellow citizens, move the needle for those who have taken to the streets to accuse Israel of perpetrating genocide? Because, by any measure, deliberately starving people is an act that certainly leads to genocide! 

Why then isn’t the International Court of Justice (ICJ) screaming bloody murder about this report? Why aren’t media outlets broadcasting this far and wide? And why isn’t there global condemnation of those who are truly responsible for withholding food from families and children? Where are the breast-beating, tears and outrage for this immoral action being perpetrated by Palestinians towards Palestinians? Will Israel also be held responsible for this type of sadistic cruelty?

Astoundingly, none of this is new. Because, apparently, it’s been going on for some time. The New York Times, back in October, reported that “Hamas was stockpiling food and fuel in the Gaza Strip, keeping it from residents who were in desperate need.” Even then, Hamas “liberators” were seizing everything they could for themselves but not for those whom they claimed to be championing. 

Think about it! If Hamas, the democratically-elected government of Gaza, who was charged, by the people, with the task of being their advocates, in order to fight for them to have a better, more prosperous and successful life, has been withholding the very resources that would save them from death? Why, then, has the world been turning a blind eye to the suffering and cries of anguish, blaming Israel but not those truly guilty of starving their own people? 

Anyone with just a bit of honesty is able to answer that question. It is because they really don’t care. Savages, who would burn whole Jewish families, rape and mutilate Jewish women as well as torture children and young people, lack any conscience or soul, rendering them capable of doing the same to their own people. In other words, the depth of their evil has no bounds, no limitations and no preference.

That is not to say that Jews and Israelis are on a level playing field with everyone else, when it comes to Hamas’ demonic-inspired hatred, because they aren’t. Although the infidels of the West are also on the list of those to be conquered, the intensity and concentrated focus of hatred, which is taught to Palestinian children from the cradle, is, first and foremost, especially directed at the neighboring Jewish state which, to them, is illegitimately situated on the land which they claim is theirs. 

Yet, unless you are part of a protected class, within the Palestinian population, which includes leaders and their families, your well-being and destiny are not guaranteed by any means. Just a few days ago, we learned that while ordinary Gazans have been unable to gain entrance into Egypt, families of Hamas officials are now being smuggled into Egypt through the Rafah crossing at a cost of $6-7,000 per person. According to the report, some of those individuals include the nieces and nephews of Hamas mastermind, Yahya Sinwar.  

Imagine being an ordinary citizen of Gaza who has known that the top brass of Hamas is enjoying an opulent lifestyle of luxury in the best Qatar hotels that money can buy. Now that same average Joe is confronted with the discovery that family members of terrorists are being protected as they’re granted permission to enter a neighboring Arab country (albeit for a price) which has closed its doors to the rest of the Gazan population. 

The list of heartless beings seems to keep growing, when it relates to the average Gazan who doesn’t enjoy the entitlements of a select few. But at least let’s be honest about what’s happening. Let’s lay the blame for all of the suffering at the feet of those who caused it – Hamas and now the thuggish gangs who have joined forces, grabbing all of the intended aid for themselves as they charge exorbitant prices for the privilege of survival. 

It would behoove the U.S., the UN and any Western countries or organizations which would be so inclined to render more assistance to Gaza, in the form of food, to first figure out how they can ensure that such assistance will reach its intended population rather than be hoarded by criminals who are cruelly gouging the public. 

Because if they fail to accept responsibility for this debacle, they, too, are participating in a “racket” which is meant to add to the suffering of those who are at the mercy of the worst of mankind. It’s really hard to virtue-signal by flooding the zone with food while being advised that none of it is reaching those who most need it so desperately. 

Maybe that doesn’t matter to Israel-bashers whose only real objective is to continue to call out the Jewish homeland as the monster that has brought on all of the pain being felt in Gaza. But make no mistake, facts and events cannot be ignored or hidden. And, in this case, they are on display for all to see. The question is, “What will be done with what we now know?” 

That question also extends to ordinary Gazans who need to finally wake up and realize that they have been duped for too long by those feigned concern and care but whose actions have brought about nothing but abject suffering! Perhaps that reality will be the game changer in the re-education program which is so crucial to the lasting peace that everyone says they want. 

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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