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Can we survive the incompatible extremes of barbarism in civilized society?

Bodycam footage from Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7, released by the IDF (Photo: Screenshot)

You wake up in the comfort of your home, where everything is just as you like it – your favorite food, the lovely decorations you’ve carefully chosen, the daily newspaper with your morning tea or coffee and even exciting planned activities that await you. It’s how most of us live life. Trips to the mall, the beach, great restaurants, and family events are just what we’ve come to know and expect because they are the fabric of a civilized society, as well as the pastimes that offer contentment.

Since the beginning of time, we, as a species, have sought to maintain order, tranquility and reasonable activity which guards our safety, and well-being and also provides meaning. Part of that is our connection to others, our pursuit of knowledge and culture as well as our dependency upon a higher being who keeps us humble, accountable and able to look beyond ourselves.

The idea that our ordered world has rapidly changed into an alternate reality, where everything that we love and cherish can suddenly come to a halt because a fanatical ruthless element has committed itself to the barbaric existence of terrorism, is not anything that civilized society can wrap its head around.

Force, brutality and savagery are not characteristics that can be accepted, admired or excused under any normal societal standard. They are, instead, traits which hail back to an unenlightened, primitive and backward period, where the God-given inalienable rights, with which we were created, have been vanquished and suppressed, creating a dark and ominous existence where nothing and no one can flourish.

It is perplexing enough that such an underclass has been able to emerge and forge its presence into the spaces of humanity, causing us great anguish and concern, but in a really twisted turn of events, individuals who, as us, came from cultured communities, are bizarrely embracing this barbaric ethos by attempting to justify its ravaging actions, thereby excusing the resorting to death and destruction as if certain circumstances have condoned and validated murder and torture.

Such an incorporation is intolerable for sane beings, who are against evil, nor is any of it sustainable if we hope to retain any semblance of humanity and civilized decorum which demands values such as liberty, freedom, goodness, mercy, justice and respect, all of the attributes which are at war with barbarians. 

But, leaders and nations of the world are demanding that we, indeed, accommodate and make room for barbarism. They may not be saying it in those exact words, but by suggesting that a two-state solution be adopted, how else can we interpret their intentions?

Was it not Hamas who shamelessly warned us that more massacres, in the style of October 7, would occur in the future? Did those leaders, who are suggesting a two-state solution, somehow miss that very audible threat? Not likely. Which means that they are simply indifferent and apathetic to the ominous possibilities which are probable, especially when taking into consideration the indoctrination and mindset of people who view barbaric acts as a justifiable means to fulfill their aspirations.

If such a state is allowed to exist, encouraged and fostered by governments who think they are immune to the risks that they are forcing upon Israel, it won’t be long before their misguided advice is proven wrong, because attack is what they do. America has been on a deliberately charted course to weaken itself militarily, economically, politically and in many other ways.

Now, they are demanding that Israel do the same, because forcing a terror state, as our neighbor, is nothing more than ordering us to place ourselves in jeopardy. It’s not even speculative, because we’ve already seen what they are capable of doing.

It is one thing for America to take that route, by opening up their southern border and allowing unknown people, from all over the globe, to enter, not knowing who they are, to what ideology they subscribe or whether they have nefarious purposes in mind to do great harm to citizens. By ignoring the risks that this poses, they have chosen to throw caution to the wind in a way that will surely backfire on them sooner than later.

While this is their prerogative, to force such danger upon Israel, with the same devil-may-care attitude, and expect that it will turn out well, only serves to reinforce just how far into lunacy these government leaders have descended.

For those of us who have witnessed the tremendous downward spiral civilized society has taken, especially over the last fifty years, influencing everything from extremely informal and often inappropriate dress to the manners we once passed down to our children, now non-existent, we see the toll it’s taken on a world which was once much kinder, more polite, caring and far less vulgar. 

All of those changes, accounting for the loss of much innocence and decency, have accommodated an incorporation of rudeness, public displays of anger and rage, the looting/stealing phenomenon we are witnessing in major U.S. cities, the nasty political revenge that is used as an effective weapon to take out opponents and sideline democracy and the immoral and shameful attempts to sexualize children and even import them for slavery. The list is endless, but all of the evils that have been integrated into today’s society are a lamentable breakdown of the boundaries that once guarded and kept us as a people who valued law and order.

The new lack of standards, which are now commonplace in many of our communities, only serves to mark a continuous downfall as to where we are headed. To think that there are those among us who have gone to the dark side, ready to accept rape, murder, beheadings and acts that have always been described as atrocities, is a sad gauge of where we’ve arrived.

In answer to the question, posed within the title of this article, the answer is no. Civilized society cannot survive together with the extremes of barbarism, because the two are diametrically incompatible and thoroughly at odds with one another. Murder cannot coexist with love, compassion and kindness. Likewise, law and order cannot excuse, overlook or turn a blind eye on heinous acts of evil that are perpetrated under the guise of justice or freedom, because they do not qualify!

While Israel has been somewhat dependent upon the generosity of America’s assistance and goodwill, the time may be fast approaching when what we stand to gain from them will just be too costly to continue to receive. Because if their help and friendship are conditioned upon our being willing to have barbaric terrorism shoved into our backyard, then we may actually be forced to finally rely upon our Creator as we were meant to do!

Perhaps, that’s the whole reason we are having to go through these present hardships, because Israel was never supposed to look sideways, to the nations, but upward to her God!

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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