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Amid ongoing cyber warfare, Israeli cyber experts reportedly hack Iranian oil infrastructure

A gas flare on an oil production platform is seen alongside an Iranian flag in the Gulf, July 25, 2005. (Photo: REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi/File Photo)

"WeRedEvils" is a group of Israeli cyber experts that claimed it hacked into the central management system of Iran’s oil infrastructure over the weekend.

The unofficial group emerged at the start of Israel's Operation Iron Swords in response to the Hamas massacre of 1,400 Israeli and foreigners on Oct. 7.

While not revealing any specific details, the Israeli hackers argued that they had caused significant damage to critical oil and fuel transport infrastructure used by the Islamic Republic of Iran, which supports and finances Hamas as one of its terror proxies.

"We managed to get our hands on vital and sensitive software that we will not go into detail about here, we are sure that Iran already understands the extent of the damage it currently has. As we know and have seen in the past such rigs and reactors in certain cases can cause mass destruction in the event of internal leaks or overheating," WeRedEvils stated on its Telegram channel on Saturday.

The Israeli cyber group also issued a threat towards Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran’s most powerful terror proxy.

“You are in the crosshairs, we have not forgotten you, we have control over a quarter of a million communication systems throughout Lebanon,” the group warned Hezbollah Sec.-Gen. Hassan Nasrallah.

The cyber group also claimed that it has penetrated Lebanese communication and Internet infrastructure, including Hezbollah’s computer network.

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror organization and the Iranian regime have both threatened to open a second front against the Jewish state amid the ongoing war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Hezbollah has already fired rockets into northern Israel and the Jewish state has responded by targeting Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. However, this dangerous military exchange has so far not developed into a full war on Israel’s northern border.

In addition, the Israeli cyber group sent a message to the Telegram channel GazaNow.

"We did it again, we managed to break into one of the accounts that manage the GazaNow channel and delete all their recent content, but because of permissions which we didn't have, we could not change the name of the channel or delete it permanently, they still exist but are limited," WeRedEvils wrote.

The Iranian ayatollah regime and Israel have been locked in an escalating cyber war for several years.

Hundreds of Israeli sites have been targeted and hacked since the beginning of the Oct. 7. war with Hamas, including our website here at ALL ISRAEL NEWS several times in recent weeks.

Anti-Israel cyber activists or “hacktivists” have primarily focused on targeting “soft targets” like media websites.

In March, Israel blamed Iran for a cyberattack on the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, one of Israel’s leading academic institutions.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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