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After watching footage of Hamas atrocities, US urban warfare expert shocked by seeing 'such joy' terrorists had in their acts

Security footage from the Nova music festival during invasion by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7, 2023 (Photo: Screenshot)

American urban warfare expert John Spencer, who leads the Modern War Institute’s Department of Urban Warfare Studies, expressed his shock over the acts of Hamas terrorists after watching a film of the atrocities.

Spencer stressed that despite the horrific images of the massacre when a large number of terrorists invaded Israel and brutally massacred over 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians, it was important to document the crimes so that they would not be forgotten in the future.

“No one should want to see it, but the horrors of that day should never be forgotten,” Spencer wrote on X, former Twitter. His detailed description of the Hamas terror group's barbarism and cruelty attracted more than 15 million views on the social media platform.

“The video starts w/ Hamas terrorists riding in the back of trucks armed with AK-47s, RPGs & a few heavy machine guns, through a cut in the border wall,” Spencer wrote. “The terrorists all screaming with joy, yelling over & over ‘Allahu Akbar!’ More trucks & motorcycles into Israel behind them,” he added.

The urban warfare expert emphasized that he had never seen such levels of evil before.

“I've seen my share of evil firsthand around the world in wars. I've seen heinous cruelty/dehumanization/ mutilations. I've looked evil men in the eye. But I've never seen so many evil men (hundreds, thousands) show such joy in committing their acts,” Spencer assessed.

The urban warfare expert concluded by saying he supported the policy of screening the footage of Hamas atrocities selectively due to the extremely graphic images that were committed by Hamas killer squads and their accomplices inside the Jewish state.

“I understand now why this video must be selectively shown. You can't watch it without be [sic] in some way traumatized. I will never forget the children. Photo after photo of dead children. I hated having to watch the video. You can’t unsee the evil shown in it. No one should want to see it, but the horrors of that day should never be forgotten. Never rationalized away.”

By late October, Israel had processed a record 2,050 international journalists to cover the Hamas atrocities, due to the growing whitewashing and denial of Hamas' brutal acts. Some antisemitic conspiracy theories even falsely blamed Israel for murdering its own citizens.

At the time, Israeli government Spokesman Eylon Levy compared this disturbing propaganda phenomenon to Holocaust denial.

“As we work to defeat the terror organization, we are witnessing a Holocaust denial-like phenomenon evolving in real-time, as people are casting doubt on the magnitude of the atrocities Hamas committed against our people and, in fact, recorded in order to glorify this violence,” Levy said.

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor, Karim Khan recently visited the Jewish state including several of the Israeli southern border communities that were devastated during the lethal Hamas invasion in early October.

The shocked British-Pakistani ICC chief prosecutor said, “The attacks against innocent Israeli civilians on 7 October represent some of the most serious international crimes that shock the conscience of humanity, crimes which the ICC was established to address.”

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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