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When the normalization of massacres is suggested, where is society headed?

Julius Malema giving a pro-Hamas speech in Oct. 2023 (Photo: Screenshot)

When one mentally ill individual, characterized as a Palestinian activist, addressed thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators, at a rally, which took place this past Saturday in London, he insanely said that “massacres should be normalized as the status quo.”

While the sick rants of Mohammed el-Kurd serve as evidence of his demented and psychotic thinking, it would be interesting to poll just how many, among the thousands who protested, would agree that they’d like to see the barbaric slaughter of innocent babies, children, women and whole families become a “normal” societal event as any other. 

It’s incredulous to imagine that there was no pushback on such a maniacal statement, which can only come from the lips of a sadistic murderer devoid of all moral and ethical boundaries. And if such a comment goes unchallenged, are we to believe that all those who attended feel as he does? Should we come to the conclusion that they are willing to accept the events of Oct. 7 as commonplace and a healthy representation of today’s societal norms because they didn’t shout him down?

It doesn’t matter who you are. Alarm bells should have immediately gone off, the moment anyone heard the utterance of such a depraved concept, because if that kind of suggestion can stand, even for one second, it means that humanity has been struck by a deadly lesion that will only lead us to our sure demise as a species. Yet, things like this are no longer an anomaly. 

It’s sad to say, but comments like these are being heard more and more these days. Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a South African Marxist-Leninist and Black nationalist political party member, was recently recorded saying: “When you are oppressed, the only option you have is to fight, and that is what Hamas is doing. They are fighting for their freedom. They only have one option – confront the enemy and shoot to kill.” He went so far as to say, “Condemning Hamas is an act of cowardice. There is nothing wrong with what Hamas is doing.”

Malema, clearly a very disturbed man who is quite clearly demon-possessed, believes that Hamas had to bake babies, burn children alive and cut off the breasts of young women in order to attain their freedom, because those were the ones they attacked. To him, the enemies are those who are not even capable of speaking yet, because they barely emerged from the womb. 

But while he says that condemning Hamas is an act of cowardice, let’s really define it. Cowardice is slaughtering unarmed families in their beds. It is taking young people at a music festival whose last thought was that this event would mark the end of their lives. It is forcibly taking away mothers and their children while beheading fathers, sons and brothers who are unable to defend themselves in a fair fight. It is burning down entire communities whose residents championed the cause of Palestinians their whole lives – advocating for them to have a better life. Cowardice is not asking any questions but just committing wholesale killing, because no one is there to stop you. That is the face of cowardice, and no one did it better than Hamas on Oct. 7.

Malema, in his murderous tones, also seeks to justify massacre as a completely acceptable solution for accessing one’s freedom, explaining that this is what needs to be done to gain what others have taken from you. But amidst all of his lunatic rantings, he, oddly, never mentions the unfettered freedom and lavish lifestyle enjoyed by the Hamas leadership whose decadent luxuries are being financed by world nations – nations which, in their naivete, happily allocated billions to a people who never saw a dime of that money but, instead, ultimately went to the very monsters who are the ones preventing Gazans from living their best lives while they live theirs.

What is ironic, in all of this, is that Malema advocates for Hamas, mentioning them specifically by name. He doesn’t speak about the average Gazan or Palestinian. He goes right to the government/terrorists, doing their bidding as he tries to convince his listeners they are the good guys, merely fighting for freedom.

While he may be certifiably insane, the rest of us are not. We know very well who is preventing Palestinians from any kind of advancement, and we know murder, rape and evil when we see it. The fact that it is not called out by human rights organizations, the United Nations or every nation that claims to be civilized, still doesn’t change any of the facts on the ground. Massacres will never be acceptable to any normal human being with a heart, a conscience and a working brain, and no impassioned speech will ever change that. 

In the end, even Hitler knew what he’d done would not go unpunished, which is why he chose to end his life before others could do that for him. 

We are living in a world that has literally gone mad as we witness sick individuals attempt to whitewash the most ghastly of evil thoughts as acceptable options and the only way to achieve one’s goals. And if rational society does not put an end to these hellish musings, then evil will sweep in like a deluge and overtake mankind in a cataclysmic end to this world.

If you stop and think about just how quickly everything has changed over the last 3 to 4 years, it makes you realize we are dealing with a new reality and are very much in uncharted waters, the likes of which no previous generation has ever witnessed. Yes, evil has always existed, and often people had to flee in order to survive horrific onslaughts, but we always lived to see the dawn. This time, it’s not so clear if that will happen.

Because we have arrived at a precipice where wickedness, corruption and heinous acts are all being hailed as righteous and honorable in the name of freedom and justice. Protecting the innocent, especially children, is no longer a cherished value, but then it hasn’t been for a very long time – ever since killing life in the womb became legal. Even reasonable people have become numb when speaking about abortion, co-opting the phrase: “My body, my choice.” No choice afforded for an unwanted life.

While humanity continues to become hardened to the moral standards and godly principles we once collectively held, there will need to be an unwavering resolve not to allow the desensitizing of odious and abhorrent acts that will never represent sanity, a sound mind and clear judgment. 

It is our only hope for survival – that and invoking our heavenly father who has given us the best blueprint for finding our way out of the morass of our own sinful proclivities. It’s called the Holy Bible, and it’s time to dust it off and make it the central guide in our daily lives!

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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