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WATCH: Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic inspires wounded IDF soldiers at Sheba Medical Center

In this moving ALL NEWS feature video, motivational speaker Nick Vujicic shares his incredible story of resilience with severely wounded IDF soldiers at Sheba Medical Center's Rehabilitation Hospital. Born without limbs, Nick's message of hope and perseverance resonates deeply with the soldiers, many of whom are amputees or facing life-changing disabilities in the wake of the tragic events of Oct. 7 and the subsequent war.

Hi. Kayla Sprague for ALL ISRAEL NEWS. Thank you for joining us on this ALL ISRAEL feature. Today, we witnessed an incredible event here at Sheba Medical Center's Rehabilitation Hospital. Nick Vujicic, a world-renowned motivational speaker, shared his inspiring story with severely wounded IDF soldiers, many of whom are amputees facing life-altering disabilities.

Born without limbs due to a rare condition, Nick has turned his challenges into a powerful message of hope and resilience. As he spoke to the soldiers, the room was filled with a sense of connection. Nick's visit comes in the wake of the tragic events of Oct. 7, and the subsequent war that has already left many soldiers and civilians with severe injuries and trauma. The attack has a profound impact on the nation, and the need for support and rehabilitation for the wounded has never been greater.

NICK VUJICIC: It's something that's deep, deep in my heart, and that's why we've come to Israel, that for such a time as this, hope is so important, especially for the people who are fighting for the freedom; who are still with us. To let them know that this is not the end for them. It's everything to me to come here to encourage everyone. and as a U.S. citizen, I am a little short of words in how to describe my sorrow in us not really being the greatest ally we could be at this point, with a lot of the Western media.

It's one thing to say something or even to state where you stand, but for us to have the ability to come in person and hug the soldiers and be here with the medical people, I think it says a lot more than any words can say, and we do that with all of our hearts.

SPRAGUE: Nick's words resonated deeply with the audience as he shared his own struggles and triumphs. He emphasized that no matter how difficult life may seem, there is always hope and purpose to be found. His message was clear: If he could find joy and success in life without limbs, then these brave soldiers – these heroes – could overcome their own obstacles and share their stories of hope to offer to others, as well.

STEVE WALZ, Sheba Medical Center: A lot of the soldiers have told me that telling their story to these people is cathartic. In other words, it helps them overcome some of the PTSD that they may have. They feel it's important for them to release what they're holding inside. And so I'm proud that, you know, we have always soldiers who like to talk to the media, whether it's the Israeli media or international media. There's so many stories to tell, unfortunately. But every time a story comes out, I think it's to the benefit of the world. It's not the benefit just to Sheba, it's to the benefit of the world to understand what these young men are experiencing.

SPRAGUE: Throughout the event, Nick took time to connect with soldiers personally and offer words of encouragement and crack jokes to lighten the mood. Faces lit up, and it's a testament of Nick's impact and his presence that focuses on relationship over difficulty.

VUJICIC: Look, in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were commanded to stand by Israel, to bless Israel, to help Israel, no matter what – and its people. I think this is the time where we need to turn our hearts closer to God and we need his help. We cannot change other people's minds but what we must do is what he's asked us to do. And so with prayer and faith and unity, I think it's really important. I think everyone's realizing the times that we're living in. I don't think we've ever seen, such – in real-time – the world morphing into what it's becoming. And it's a war against evil. It really is. There's no other way to describe this, and we must win.

SPRAGUE: I said it was incredibly moving to see how Nick's story touched the hearts of these wounded heroes. We got to hear from a few of them, and many expressed how his words had given them a renewed sense of purpose and motivation to face the challenges ahead. It was clear that God's heart for healing and wholeness shined through Nick, and it ministered – the peace he carries – ministered to everyone present.

ARIEL DUBOVIKOV (IDF soldier): I was really motivated before, also, you know about this whole process, about starting walking again. But after meeting him and hearing his story and what he told us, it just made me even more motivated to, you know, start my life again. And, it was really, wow. It was really amazing to hear his story. It's really a mind-blowing story and it's really, really amazing. And I'm actually really excited. I found out that he was coming to see us – was really cool. Yeah. So that's what I can tell. It really helped me. It really – even though I was, you know, in a good place, it put me in a even better place.

SPRAGUE: As the event came to a close, it was clear that Nick's visit had made a profound impact on everyone in this room. His message of love, faith, perseverance and hope struck a cord, reminding us all of the importance of supporting and uplifting each other, especially those who have sacrificed so much.

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