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Threats Against Israeli Leaders Exposed - 1 AIN Minute

The Israel Defense Forces issued a stern warning to Hezbollah stating, "we do not seek war but remain fully prepared," as over 3,000 sites in Lebanon and Syria have been attacked since October 7th. IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari emphasized ongoing operations targeting the terror group, with the goal of enabling the safe return of 80,000 Israeli civilians who have been evacuated from their homes near the northern border of Israel. A Lebanese terror organization called "Galilee Forces" has released a video showing images of Prime Minister Netanyahu and ministers Ben-Gvir and Sukkot with bullet holes, explicitly threatening the elected Israeli officials. IDF operations in Gaza have uncovered a Hamas manual for constructing explosives and rockets using medical hydrogen peroxide. This demonstrates the terror group's sinister exploitation of medical aid that was intended for hospital patients.

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