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Ta’asa (13), whose father jumped on the grenade to save his sons on October 7, shares his story

Koren Ta’asa, his younger brother Shai, and their father, Gil, were at home in Netiv HaAsara on the morning of October 7. The three were awakened by the air raid sirens that morning. In a video from their home security camera, they were seen running into the bomb shelter when a Hamas terrorist threw a grenade into the shelter, intending to kill them. Gil, the father, jumped on the grenade to save his sons and was killed. Shai lost sight in one eye. Koren, the oldest surviving son of the Ta’asa family recently sat down with N12 News to tell his side of the story. “I want the story to be told as accurately as possible,” Koren said. “Several things were told incorrectly, and that bothers me.”

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