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Palestine or Malmö? - Special report shows how the Gaza War comes to Sweden ahead of Eurovision

Ahead of the Eurovision competition in Malmö, Sweden, a team from N12 News traveled to the city, which has one of the highest percentages of Muslims of any city in Sweden. Amidst Palestinian flags, Al-Aqsa posters, and flyers supporting Hamas, they found a bubble of anti-Israel sentiment and protest, often organized by the Muslim Brotherhood. “Islamists will not be part of human civilization,” says Muhammed, an Egyptian who fled to Sweden as a refugee due to his criticism of the Islamic world. He says that many in the Arab world see the Gaza War as “the beginning of the end for the State of Israel.” “When you show the Arabs the truth, they just leave, they end the discussion,” he said regarding the evidence of Hamas violence. According to Muhammed, most of the protests in Sweden and Europe are organized by the Muslim Brotherhood. N12 also discovered a striking warning about Europe’s biggest celebration.

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