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Nili Margalit, captured with Yarden Bibas, refused to relate news of his family’s alleged death

Nili Margalit, the captured nurse who refused to tell Yarden Bibas about his family’s death describes how Hamas tried to pressure her to be the one to inform Bibas that his wife and sons were killed. She says the Hamas terrorists filmed event, intending to use his reaction for propaganda. Margalit was with Bibas during the announcement, and released shortly after. Fellow captive Yoram Metzger, also from Kibbutz Nir Oz, was forced to translate for the Hamas operatives who told Yarden Bibas that his family had been killed. Margalit told Yoram, “You can’t tell Yarden, if he [the terrorist] wants to tell him [Bibas] such a terrible thing, let him look him in the eye and tell him himself."

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