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US proposal: Hamas police officers will be unarmed and will not wear uniforms – and Israel will not attack them

Trucks with humanitarian aid arrive at the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, in the southern Gaza Strip, November 2, 2023. (Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Following the request not to harm the Hamas policemen, the U.S. administration has now proposed to Israel that the policemen escorting the humanitarian aid entering the Gaza Strip, would be unarmed and without uniforms, and Israel would not target them.

This was reported on Tuesday on KAN 11 Evening News. 

The US administration claims that attacks on the Hamas policemen cause them not to secure the aid trucks, and therefore the aid does not reach its destination and is looted.

The White House also argues that the terrorist organization's policemen are "the only option for escorting humanitarian aid convoys."

Israel rejected the U.S. administration's proposal and announced that it intends to fight any terrorist element associated with Hamas.

According to the American request, as long as there is no alternative to escorting the aid, the humanitarian convoys may be looted, and therefore will not reach their destination.

In addition, the U.S. administration announced that it will transfer $53 million for aid to Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. The transfer of funds will take place following the surprising statement by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: "Israel needs to allow Palestinian workers to enter Israel."

On Monday night, it was reported on KAN 11 News that most of the humanitarian aid convoys intended for the northern part of Gaza Strip have recently been looted by criminal gangs inside the Strip. This is contrary to previous instances, when those responsible for the looting were Hamas operatives. Hamas is still trying to control the humanitarian aid, but the Hamas police force responsible for securing the convoys has reduced its activity.

At the beginning of the month, it was reported that most of the aid that entered the Gaza Strip was looted in Rafah by Hamas, as they still control most of the territory in the region.

Every day, about 160,000 liters of fuel enter the Gaza Strip through 4 tankers. The fuel reaches hospitals and infrastructure facilities, where Hamas takes control of it. This amount of fuel is sufficient for Hamas to manage the military operations, and also to make the necessary provisions for the leadership.

Amichai Stein is a political correspondent for KAN 11.

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