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Trump: Palestinians will come to the table as well

In interview this morning on Fox News, president also predicts Iran will make a deal with the US

President Donald Trump (Photo credit: Oliver Contreras/SIPA USA)

During a 47-minute interview with Fox & Friends this morning, U.S. Donald Trump predicted Palestinians will make a deal with Israel.

"When I came in, I was told it was an impossible thing, you could never get it done," he said. "And we went around the other way: Instead of dealing with the Palestinians, we took their money away. We used to give $750 million and they treated us badly. I said, 'Why do they treat us badly? We give them all this money.' Nobody ever did this. I took it away."

"They’re going to make a deal, you watch," the president continued. "But we started dealing with other people and everybody said this couldn’t happen. And we made a deal with the UAE led by a man, (Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed) MBZ, a great leader, a great warrior. And we made a deal with the UAE."

"And Bahrain came in and we have many others that are going to be coming in over a short time. And the Palestinians will ultimately come in too and you will have peace in the Middle East without being stupid, and shooting everybody and killing everybody and having blood all over the sand."

Trump is credited with brokering a historic peace deals between Israel and two Gulf states - the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain - both deals announced in the last month. He is hosting leaders from these nations for a historic signing ceremony today at the White House.

In the interview, Trump also predicted that if he is re-elected in November, that Iran would renegotiate the nuclear deal that the U.S. withdrew from after he assumed the presidency.

“They’re dying to make a deal, but they want to see what happens in the election,” Trump said, adding that “we’ll have a deal with Iran within one month.”

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