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On THE ROSENBERG REPORT: Columbia University is ‘ground zero’ of pro-Hamas protests metastasizing across American college campuses

Joel Rosenberg explores why Jews now feel increasingly unsafe in America – Could this be a sign of ancient Bible prophecies coming to pass?

(Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

From California to New York through Michigan and Massachusetts, anti-Israel student protests have been spreading across U.S. universities and college campuses in recent weeks. In rallies and around tent encampments, crowds of students were heard and documented chanting hateful slogans such as “Burn Tel Aviv to the ground”, “Death to America”, “Hamas give them hell,” “Oh, Qassam Brigades you make us proud” and “Globalize the Intifada.”

In this week’s episode of THE ROSENBERG REPORT on TBN, host and ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel Rosenberg takes a close look at what he defines as “ground zero” of the antisemitism “cancer” that is spreading to campuses all over the United States, including Columbia University in New York. 

At Columbia, some protesters called for Jews “to be killed” and “go back to Poland.” It is also where the daughter of anti-Israel Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was arrested and a professor who publicly praised Hamas' Oct. 7 attack and – called it “awesome” – was allowed to keep his job. 

“As protestors swarmed the campus and even shut down streets around the school, this week Columbia was forced to cancel all in-person classes,” Rosenberg noted. “Rabbi Elie Buechler – who runs Columbia University’s Orthodox Jewish student group – told CNN’s Jack Tapper on Sunday that he sent a WhatsApp message to the 300-or-so Orthodox Jews in his group strongly urging them to leave campus immediately and go home because it’s simply not safe for Jews there any longer.”

What fuels the hatred of the Jewish people metastasizing across American campuses?

In what way are protests wreaking havoc and creating real danger? 

How many antisemitic incidents were reported since Oct. 7? 

(Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

Antisemitism is surging across America, according to recent reports published by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). “But America has not yet turned against Israel,” Rosenberg noted. 

He explained, “Prophetically, we know that it will someday. Bible prophecy tells us all nations will eventually abandon Israel, and then turn on Israel. But it hasn’t happened on our watch – not yet – because millions of Evangelical Christians are praying for Israel, standing faithfully with Israel, and trusting in God’s promise in Genesis 12 that those who bless Israel will be blessed, but those who curse Israel will be cursed.” 

Are we witnessing a sign that ancient Bible prophecies are coming to pass?

(Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

Rosenberg turns the spotlight this week to one notable Evangelical Christian in Congress who emerged as a hero, breaking a six-month delay in the approval of U.S. foreign aid to Israel. 

“The man who really got it done is Speaker of the House Mike Johnson – a strong conservative, deeply pro-Israel, and a devout Evangelical Christian,” Rosenberg said. 

“I’m so encouraged that in the face of growing threats by renegade Republicans to bring Johnson down as Speaker, Johnson refused to surrender. Instead, he forged a better bill than the Senate.”

(Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

How did Johnson manage to break the impasse

Don’t miss this week’s episode.

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