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WATCH ONLINE: Supporters of Israel to demand release of hostages in front of Red Cross HQ in Geneva, Switzerland

A broad coalition of organizations will demand: Set them free!

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A coalition of more than 250 organizations from over 70 countries announced a demonstration in Geneva, Switzerland on Sunday to demand the immediate release of the Israeli hostages being held captive by the Hamas terror organization inside of the Gaza Strip.

The demonstration will start at 3 p.m. Geneva local time in front of the Red Cross building and is expected to draw some 5,000 people. Representatives of the families of the hostages will be present at the protest.

If you cannot be there physically you can participate via the link here.

The Voice of Freedom coalition will represent families of hostages through a massive international media and diplomatic pressure campaign calling for the release of all hostages taken during the brutal Hamas attack on Oct. 7.

“The Voice for Freedom Coalition, which is growing each day, is committed to seeing the immediate and unconditional return of these babies, children, elderly, women and men,” their statement read.

The coalition aims to create, produce and distribute media to build a momentum of public sympathy on behalf of the hostages and their families.

The organization is also arranging for mass demonstrations in front of the headquarters of various human rights groups, starting with the UN Human Rights Council and the International Committee of the Red Cross, also on Sunday in Geneva.

Voice of Freedom is equipping and activating Christian leaders worldwide to apply diplomatic pressure in face-to-face meetings with decision-makers who can make a difference.

The Voice for Freedom coalition is being led by Calev Myers, Israel’s leading Christian attorney, and facilitated by his ARISE Foundation.

Myers has advocated on behalf of marginalized communities for over 20 years and dedicated his life to elevating the dignity of all people groups within the nation of Israel.

He has run effective major public relations campaigns on behalf of the victims of human trafficking, victims of violations of civil rights within Israel and victims of war crimes at the hands of Hamas.

Our international and local audience Israel are all welcome to join the Free the Hostages event at 4 p.m. Israel time.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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