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Six terrorists killed from the air during an IDF operation in Tulkarm

During the operation that took place at the Nur Shams refugee camp, wanted terrorists were arrested and weapons seized

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The IDF operated early Wednesday morning in the Nur Shams refugee camp near Tulkarm. During the operation, a terrorist cell threw explosives at IDF troops and was attacked in an airstrike. According to Palestinian reports, six terrorists were killed. In addition, wanted terrorists were arrested, and weapons, ammunition and military equipment were seized.

This week, the Hefer Valley Regional Council announced that following repeated complaints about digging noises beneath the homes of Bat Hefer residents, located near Tulkarm, tests will be conducted to examine the suspicion of underground digging. The council reported that three tests using different methods have been conducted so far but no indications of digging have been found. However, two additional tests will be performed in the coming days.

Last week, IDF aircraft, several times, attacked terrorist cells that shot and threw explosives at the soldiers in the field, and in the refugee camp. According to reports, at least four terrorists were killed, others were injured, and four wanted terrorists were arrested, and M16 weapons and shotguns were located and seized. In addition, soldiers from the IDF Lotar Unit located an explosive device inside a clinic in the refugee camp where wanted terror suspects were hiding.

The Central Command since the war began: We exceeded the number of terrorists killed during the Operation Defensive Shield

According to the Central Command's data from the beginning of the war:

More than 290 Palestinians were eliminated, most of them terrorists killed in offensive operations.

More than 2,500 detainees, of which approximately 1,300 are Hamas operatives.

More than 1,700 new administrative orders and over 3,000 administrative arrests.

More than 25 airstrikes.

More than 35 divisional operations to dismantle terrorist infrastructure.

Dozens of explosives labs and thousands of explosives were destroyed.

Hundreds of weapons were seized.

Dozens of terrorists surrendered to the security forces.

Written by KAN 11 correspondents Carmela Menashe and Carmel Dangor. is the Hebrew news website of the The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation

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