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Reversal of roles – Jews help veterans who saved them in WWII

Veterans from the former Soviet Army are preserving connections made more than 80 years ago by maintaining close ties with the Jewish community of Kyiv, who are lending a hand in the face of continued war.  

With the help of the local Chabad center, the Jewish community is helping Ukraine to survive the Russian war through generous donations of food, clothing and other humanitarian assistance. 

A delegation of WWII veterans who fought against the Nazi regime, marked the historic eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 26 by speaking about the irony of working alongside Jews to survive the deadly onslaughts from Russia by helping each other.

“We represent 25,000 soldiers, men and women, who fought the Nazis when they wanted to destroy the Jewish people. Nowadays, the Jewish community – led by you – are saving us,” one veteran said, according to The Jerusalem Post

Jonatan Markovich, chief rabbi and Chabad emissary in Kyiv responded: “Our job is to help out and provide aid and food, shelter, winter equipment and warm clothing to the residents and for those in need.” 

The mutual appreciation is strongly felt by both sides who committed themselves in the past and in the present to saving lives, while attacks continue throughout Ukraine. 

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