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Report detailing strategy of sexual violence used by Hamas on Oct. 7 sent to UN

Israeli Rape Center compiles evidence and eyewitness accounts of atrocities

The destruction caused by Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Re'im on October 7, 2023, near the Israeli-Gaza border, in southern Israel, November 26, 2023 (Photo: Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

A report analyzing evidence and eye-witness accounts of Hamas terrorists’ strategic use of sexual violence and rape on Oct. 7 was compiled and sent to the United Nations from the Israeli Association of Rape Crisis Centers (ARCCI), Israeli media reported Wednesday.

Amid increasing public denial and sowing of doubt regarding Israeli allegations of sexual violence, the report was sent to “decision-makers” in the UN to leave “no room for denial or disregard,” the ARCCI stated.

“The terrorist organization Hamas chose to harm Israel strategically in two clear ways – kidnapping citizens and committing sadistic sexual crimes,” said ARCCI CEO Orit Sulitzeanu.

Demonstrators gather during a protest the crimes and sexual violence against women in October 7 massacre, outside of United Nations headquarters in New York City, December 4, 2023. (Photo: Yakov Binyamin/Flash90)

“Silence will be remembered as a historical stain on those who chose to remain silent and deny the sexual crimes committed by Hamas.”

The detailed and methodical report compiled, cataloged and analyzed the patterns of action during the sexual assaults.

[Click here to download the full report.]

“This report is the product of a first-of-its-kind examination of all the open and confidential information, interviews, and testimonies that can be revealed at this time, which will continue to multiply over time,” the ARCCI wrote.

The report also mapped the main crime scenes, which were the Nova Music Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, private homes located in Gaza border communities, and IDF bases that were overrun during the terror attack.

Later, sexual crimes continued with the kidnapping and assault of the Israeli hostages.

[Click below to see the video: Israeli mothers are worried sick: “The big fear is that they are raped” by Hamas]

The report goes into horrific detail, describing the sick nature of the assaults, with families and friends of the victims being forced to watch in some incidents, while other assaults were carried out by multiple terrorists and included torture and mutilations.

These horrific atrocities were “designed to increase the pain and helplessness of all present,” according to the report.

Hamas terrorists specifically sought out their victims for sexual assault, which was aimed at both men and women. Most of the victims were killed during or after the assault.

The report stresses that it couldn’t compile the whole extent of Hamas’s sexual violence, “most of which resulted in the victims’ deaths, making their full extent unknown and possibly unknowable.”

“The report clearly proves that this is not a malfunction or sporadic cases, but a clear action strategy,” the ARCCI stressed.

“As the scars in our hearts refuse to heal, and the souls of our sisters and brothers cry out to us from the depths of the earth, a significant portion of those we considered partners responded in silence and denial of these horrors,” the authors of the report, Dr. Carmit Klar-Chalamish and Noga Berger, wrote.

“We call on you to raise your voices and not allow the cries of these victims to fade away.”

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