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‘One day, the connection between the White House and radical Islamist organizations will be made public’ - former Israeli NSC head Eiland

Maj Gen Giora Eiland says US involvement in the Gaza War is problematic

Maj-Genl (res.) Giora Eiland (Photo courtesy)

Former head of Israel's National Security Council, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland was interviewed last Wednesday on Israel's Radio 103FM, where he strongly criticized the Biden administration for its policy positions concerning the Gaza war. 

The interview included several dramatic statements from the former security chief, including his statement, “The U.S. is much more with Hamas than with us.” 

According to Eiland, the U.S. and Israel only see eye to eye on one issue in the Gaza War: The hostages. 

“The United States is with us on only one issue – the hostages,” Eiland told hosts Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad. “In everything else, they are with Hamas.” 

He noted that U.S. President Joe Biden and the Hamas terrorist organization have the same interests in preventing an IDF operation in Rafah, increasing the amount of aid flowing into Gaza, and ending the war. 

“The U.S. is on Hamas' side, and [Yahya] Sinwar understands these things well, so he's not pressured either,” Eiland said regarding the lack of progress in negotiations. “The best answer, in his view, is not to give an answer.” 

However, Eiland indicated the problem is deeper than a disagreement about the goals of the war. 

“The most important thing for the United States is to end the war,” Eiland claimed. “They assumed that the war would be over within a few months.” 

He said the administration does nothing to “stop the riots in the United States, and in my opinion, it encourages them.” 

“One day the connection between the White House and radical Islamist organizations will be made public,” Eiland claimed. 

Several reports from various news organizations have noted a connection between radical leftist and Islamic groups leading the anti-Israel protests across American college campuses, and major donors to Biden’s re-election campaign. 

However, Eiland is not suggesting that the Biden administration is completely against Israel. 

“This administration makes a sharp distinction compared to Israel's problem with Iran, and in these respects, they are with us,” he stated. 

He also warned that if Israel found itself fighting against Hezbollah in Lebanon, the U.S. would be on Israel’s side, “but they will tell us to fight and say that we dare not touch the civilian infrastructure in Lebanon.” 

Eiland said he believes “the president of the United States despises Netanyahu,” and claimed that “to a large extent, it is not Biden's fault but the fault of the other side.” 

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