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On Fox News, Rosenberg warns of ‘apocalyptic’ firestorm if Nasrallah declares war, Hezbollah starts firing 150,000 missiles at Israel

Secretary of State Blinken to arrive in Israel soon

Joel Rosenberg on Fox News (Photo: Screenshot)

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — At 3 p.m. local time, Hezbollah’s fiery and fanatical leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah is scheduled to deliver his first major address since the Hamas invasion of Israel and bloodthirsty massacre of civilians on Oct. 7. 

Speculation is rampant that Nasrallah is about to formally declare war on Israel and begin unleashing massive barrages of powerful, long-and medium-range missiles, many of which are precision guided.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to arrive in Tel Aviv on Friday morning for high-level talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the war cabinet.

Joining him will be Jack Lew, the newly-confirmed U.S. ambassador to Israel. 

“The Israeli military is on high alert,” ALL ISRAEL NEWS founder and Editor-in-Chief Joel C. Rosenberg told Fox News early on Friday morning.

Joel Rosenberg on Fox News (Photo: Screenshot)

“Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah – the head of Hezbollah in Lebanon – has been upping the ante over the last few weeks,”

Rosenberg told anchor Trace Gallagher: “And they’ve been increasing attacks, including missile attacks, just over the past few hours.”

“So, all Israel is on standby,” he said, adding, “I would say there is fear” among many Israelis about the explosion of a much wider, much more deadly war.

“Nasrallah has 150,000 missiles aimed at our heads,” Rosenberg noted. “If he starts to really declare full on war, this thing is going to go apocalyptic.”

Israeli leaders have repeatedly warned Nasrallah – and his terror masters in Iran – not to escalate.

“You have made mistakes in the past, you have paid very heavy prices,” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said in August. 

“If an escalation or conflict develops here, we will return Lebanon to the Stone Age,” Gallant vowed.

“We will not hesitate to use all our power, and erode every inch of Hezbollah and Lebanon if we have to,” he added.

The following is a transcript of the interview.

TRACE GALLAGHER: Let’s bring in New York Times best-selling author and editor of ALL ISRAEL NEWS, Joel Rosenberg. Joel, great to have you on the show again. I just want to get your take – I’ve got other stuff I want to talk to you about – but just this feeling. You’re over there. Hassan Nasrallah speaks in about 9 hours and 30 minutes. Is there a concern that he might want to up the ante here and start firing bigger and more rockets into northern Israel? 

ROSENBERG: “Concern” would be an understatement, Trace. The Israeli military is on high alert. Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah – the head of Hezbollah in Lebanon– has been upping the ante over the last few weeks. And he’s been increasing attacks, including missile attacks, just over the past few hours. So, all Israel is on standby. I would say there is fear, but on the other hand we’re ready for it. But Nasrallah has 150,000 missiles aimed at our heads. If he starts to really declare full on war, this thing is going to go apocalyptic.

GALLAGHER: Yeah, it really is going to be scary. I want to talk about the bias against Israel in the media, in some of these organizations. Here’s Abby Phillips on CNN saying this. Watch.

SOUNDBITE OF ABBY PHILLIPS ON CNN: At what point does American deference to Israel and its war actions send the message to the wider world, one that potentially indefinite civilian casualties are simply part of war? 

GALLAGHER: It’s kind of crazy. On MSNBC, you have Joy Reid – I’m not even sure if you know who that is…

ROSENBERG: Oh, yeah, I do.

GALLAGHER: … saying that because Hamas is using human shields that Israel shouldn’t – can’t –attack them because it’s a war crime. So, there is a lot of bias against Israel. 

ROSENBERG: It’s not bias, actually – I mean it is – but it’s more than that. It’s antisemitism. There’s a double standard here. Imagine, how have we gotten to a situation where 1,400 of our Israeli civilians were butchered – heads cut off, babies out alive into ovens and baked and killed, people shot in the face, their torsos mutilated – and then the world hates us and considers us the monsters? This is off the charts. We haven’t seen this kind of antisemitism since the end of World War II and the Holocaust. I mean, this is crazy. And yet, the media is buying into it and giving voice to people who hate us even though we’re the ones under attack. The world has gone completely crazy. 

Joel Rosenberg on Fox News (Photo: Screenshot)

GALLAGHER: But it’s this kind of narrative, Joel, that pushes the Biden administration to call for things like ‘humanitarian pauses’ – AKA, “ceasefire.”

ROSENBERG: Well, look, we’re for providing humanitarian relief. It’s amazing – how can there still be several hundred thousand Palestinians in northern Gaza? We’ve been saying for a month, “Get to the south. We are providing 100 trucks a day and more of supplies – of food, and water, and medical supplies. But don’t stay in the north. If you don’t want to die – or you’re not Hamas – move south.” 

And I also want to say on this whole thing of [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken, bless his heart, on the two- state solution. Hamas doesn’t want a two-state solution. They want a 'Final Solution.' And Blinken needs to stop giving aid and comfort to such notions right now. 

You know, President Biden has just threatened to veto the Israel aid that the House of Representatives has just passed. Look, what are we talking about? Vetoing aid to us right now?

GALLAGHER: Yeah. Gotta go. Joel,  great to have you on. Stay safe. 

ROSENBERG: Thank you. 

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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