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Netanyahu warns of Iranian threat, says ‘Iran on the march to conquer the Middle East’

Premier says Iran using proxies to inflame entire region

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with a JINSA delegation of generals and admirals at Israeli Defense Headquarters in Tel Aviv, June 27, 2024. (Photo: Screenshot/GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with delegation of generals and admirals from the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) on Thursday, during which he briefed them on the challenges facing Israel on all fronts and emphasized the determination of IDF fighters and Israel’s commitment to return all of the hostages.

Netanyahu also stressed that Israel's war against the Iranian regime is a war being fought on behalf of the entire free world. He told the members of the delegation that Iran is trying to conquer the Middle East through its proxies. 

“Iran is fighting us on a seven-front war: obviously, Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, the militias in Iraq and Syria, Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, and Iran itself,” Netanyahu said. “They'd like to topple Jordan. Their goal is to have a combined ground offensive from various fronts, coupled with a combined missile bombardment.” 

The prime minister also underscored that the war against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza is a critical part of that larger conflict. 

“The first requirement is to cut that hand – Hamas,” he stated. “People who do this thing to us are not going to be there. We have a long battle. I don’t think it's that long, but we'll get rid of them.” 

Netanyahu emphasized that the fight against Iran's terror proxies is critical for other nations in the Middle East, as Iran aims to dominate the rest of the region, including Sunni Muslim nations.

“We also have to deter the other elements of the Iran terror axis. But we have to deal with the axis,” Netanyahu explained. “The axis doesn’t threaten only us. It threatens you. It's on the march to conquer the Middle East.”

“That means, actually, conquer. Conquer Saudi Arabia, conquer the Arabian Peninsula. It's just a question of time,” he warned. 

Israeli Education Minister Yoav Kisch, Military Secretary Maj.-Gen. Roman Gofman and Foreign Policy Advisor, Dr. Ophir Falk, also participated in the meeting with the JINSA delegation. 

While the prime minister did not directly address the issue of war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, the IDF is allegedly finishing up major operations in the Gaza Strip in order to focus its attention on the increasingly hostile northern front. 

Several countries, including Canada, Germany and Kuwait, have already issued a warning for their citizens to leave Lebanon over fears of a Third Lebanon War. The United States has advised against travel to the country and recommended that its citizens avoid the southern Lebanon.

“Reconsider travel to Lebanon due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, unexploded land-mines, and armed conflict,” a U.S. State Department Travel Advisory noted. 

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