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More business execs warn Netanyahu against harming democracy

Another 110 business executives joined an appeal warning Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu not to harm democracy, concern primarily framed around potential politicization of the country’s judicial system. 

The group of protestors includes corporate executives and fund managers, start-up company founders, investors and venture capital fund managers, who last week issued a warning to Netanyahu that the policies of his current coalition threaten Israel’s image as a stable democracy.

An earlier article by ALL ISRAEL NEWS reported that more than 400 Israeli entrepreneurs and high-tech employees expressed their concerns about the country’s ability to continue as the “Start-Up Nation” if the new government’s expected policies are installed. In particular, they cite their concern that the “rights of different segments of Israeli society” could be weakened via possible legal reforms.

The unusual appeal to Netanyahu was prompted by a legislative blitz by his incoming coalition government that critics warn “undermines the independence of the judiciary, erodes minority rights, and endows ultranationalist and radical religious leaders as top ministers with sweeping new powers.” 

The new laws, they warn, would undermine confidence in Israeli democracy and “may deter the investors who have driven the growth of this great industry.” 

Another letter addressed to Netanyahu, Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Hayut and Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara is circulating among hundreds of former Israel Air Force members, expressing similar concerns. Also forthcoming is an appeal by leading university professors.

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