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Lapid: Biden a good friend of Israel; DNC platform favorable to Israel

Opposition leader Yair Lapid, head of the Yesh Atid party, maintains that the current Israeli government has harmed relations with the United States by aligning itself so closely with President Donald Trump and the Republican party.

“One of the basic, most important fundamentals of Israeli foreign policy is that fact that we need to stay bipartisan when working with the United States — which the current government didn’t do a very good job at,” Lapid said in an interview with i24.

While many consider Trump to be America’s most pro-Israel president, Lapid said Israel can work together with any president — Democrat or Republican. 

“Joe Biden is a great friend of Israel, has always has been all his life,” he said of the Democrat candidate. “He has an impeccable record in the Senate in terms of supporting Israel.”

Lapid fears that a “huge crisis” could ensue if Democrats take over the White House, Senate of Congress after years of being alienated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has aligned himself with Trump.

“There is a breakdown in bipartisan ties, and it’s Netanyahu’s fault,” Lapid said at a Jerusalem Post conference.

He said Israel must prepare itself for a power shift in the United States.

The senior Israeli leader also said he was pleasantly surprised by the Democrat party platform,

“I was worried about the more radical, progressive voices that have said a few things that worry me in terms of Israel, but when I read it, it was reassuring that they are going to stay Israel’s friends,” he told i24. “So, we are going to have a friendly administration whoever wins the coming election and it is not my place to support any side.”

With talk of new elections possibly on the horizon, Lapid’s party has been gaining in recent polls.

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