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Israel strikes targets in Syria and Lebanon as northern front continues to heat up

Over 20 rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon on Sunday

Rocket fired from Lebanon into northern Israel, October 29, 2023. (Photo: REUTERS/Violeta Santos Moura)

The Israeli army struck multiple targets inside Syria and Lebanon on Sunday, one of the busiest days of fighting on the northern front since the outbreak of the war against Hamas began on Oct. 7, Israeli media reported.

Military sites in the Daraa Governorate in southern Syria were struck by Israeli forces in response to rockets fired from Syrian territory at Israel earlier on Sunday.

The rockets landed in open areas, causing no damage.

The IDF also destroyed targets belonging to the Hezbollah terror organization in southern Lebanon throughout the night, after around 20 rockets were fired from Lebanon toward Israel on Sunday.

The multiple barrages set off siren alerts in various towns across northern Israel, including Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Shlomi, Rosh Pina, Ayelet HaShahar and Hatzor HaGlilit and the Bedouin town of Tuba-Zangariyya,

One of the rockets hit a house in Kiryat Shmona, resulting in considerable damage but no injuries.

Hezbollah and the Farj Forces, an Islamist group with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, took responsibility for those attacks.

Israel Defense Forces also again struck and thwarted several terror cells inside Lebanon throughout the day, while they attempted to fire anti-tank missiles, rockets and drones at Israel, or tried to cross the border.

The skirmishes on the northern border have continuously and gradually heated up since the beginning of Operation Iron Swords, Israel's name for the current war against the Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

The United States and have repeatedly warned Hezbollah not to enter the conflict.

Hezbollah has carried out daily attacks against Israeli military positions and border communities, mainly with anti-tank missiles and rockets, but has not entered the conflict more broadly.

Fire exchanges have so far killed six Israeli soldiers, eight Palestinian terrorists and about 60 Hezbollah terrorists.

In addition, one Israeli civilian was killed in a Hezbollah attack, and four Lebanese civilians and a journalist were also reportedly killed by Israeli retaliatory strikes.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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