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Israel’s SpaceIL signs agreement with German Aerospace Center

The Beresheet 2 mission will make a second attempt at landing on the moon

3D rendering of the Beresheet spacecraft (Photo courtesy SpaceIL)

The Israeli private space organization SpaceIL, which facilitated Israel’s first attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon in 2019, has signed a cooperation agreement for its next mission with German Aerospace Center (DLR). 

The Beresheet 2 mission will be SpaceIL’s second attempt at landing on the moon, after the first lander ended up crashing. Beresheet 2, scheduled for completion by mid-2025, will consist of three spacecraft systems. 

According to a SpaceIL press release, Beresheet 2 will achieve a double landing on both sides of the moon in a single mission, using the smallest lunar landers ever built, and by implementing DLR’s software for the landing process. 

“We are honored to cooperate with DLR and use their software during our landing processes for the Beresheet 2 mission,” said SpaceIL CEO Shimon Sarid, “and are thrilled to work together to perform successful lunar landings on both sides of the moon in our next challenging lunar mission.”

The Beresheet 2 mission “is an extraordinary example of how the field of space has changed, and of the great influence of the entry of private organizations into the fascinating journey of mankind to the moon and other celestial bodies,” said Uri Oron, director of the Israel Space Agency, which operates under the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology.

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