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Israel Police visit Holocaust survivors as a reminder of why they serve their country

Police showcase volunteer initiative on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Israeli police officers saluting Shlomo, a Holocaust survivor, outside of Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum (Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit)

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Israel Police showcased its long-standing program of honoring survivors of the Nazi-perpetrated genocide, while keeping the phrase “Never Again” at the forefront of their reasons for service.

Through this volunteer program, Israeli police officers meet with Holocaust survivors at least twice a month. Master Sgt. Dean Elsdunne, international spokesperson for the Israel Police, said this “constant call to action” keeps the memory of the Holocaust alive for future generations.

“As a special forces veteran and now International Spokesperson for the Israel Police, wearing a uniform on International Holocaust Remembrance Day is more than just a privilege, it is a responsibility,” he said. “It is a reminder of the atrocities that occurred in the past and a commitment to ensure they never happen again. It is an opportunity to serve as a defender of freedom, to protect the innocent, and to safeguard the rights of all citizens.”

Battalions in the Border Police in Jerusalem have “adopted” survivors and meet with them regularly to listen to their stories and connect on a deeper level. One survivor, Shlomo, said it has been a life-changing experience for him as well, having the opportunity to share the history and pass along his experiences and wisdom.

Shlomo (Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit)

“We have a country that is ours – we can never take that for granted. I look around and see our nation's youth in uniform, and I have this feeling of relief because I know that there is someone to trust.”

Corporal Yakovi, from the Jerusalem Border Police, said meeting Shlomo gave him a greater appreciation for his uniform and what it means to serve the Jewish state.

“On this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Israel Police salutes the Holocaust survivors who continue to inspire us with their bravery and resilience. They are the ones who have overcome the unimaginable. The Holocaust survivors around the world have dedicated themselves to ensuring we never forget what it is to not have a nation that we can call home,” the police said in a statement.

Nicole Jansezian was the news editor and senior correspondent for ALL ISRAEL NEWS.

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