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Israel continues ‘active defense’ policy on northern border, former navy commander says ‘fighting on two fronts would be mistake’

IDF employs ‘capability stripping’ method to reduce Hezbollah’s ability to strike covertly

A view of a damaged building in the aftermath of an alleged Israeli air strike near Nabatieh, Lebanon, in this screen grab taken from a handout video released on Nov. 18, 2023. (Photo: Hezbollah Office Nabatieh/Handout via REUTERS)

On Israel's northern border this morning, the IDF destroyed terrorist infrastructure belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization after several launches into Israel were detected. 

About ten mortar shell launches were identified in the Shlomi area that had fallen in open spaces early Sunday morning. In response, the IDF attacked the source of the fire in Lebanon.

Sometime later, the IDF said it intercepted a “suspicious aerial target” belonging to Hezbollah. 

IAF fighter jets and IDF artillery struck several sites in southern Lebanon in retaliation for the attacks. 

Red alert sirens have been activated in the northern border area several times this morning. So far, no impacts in populated areas have been reported. 

Northern Command Maj.-Gene. Uri Gordin said the IDF is employing a method called “capability stripping” to reduce some of Hezbollah’s advantages in the southern Lebanon area. 

Using this method, the IDF is striking warehouses, Hezbollah operational headquarters and launch pits to reduce the terror organization's ability to launch attacks, while also burning some of the surrounding foliage and natural thicket so the terrorists cannot hide as they approach the separation line. 

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant praised the IDF’s performance on the northern front for its “lethal defense.” Gallant highlighted the use of ground and air units to locate terror squads preparing anti-tank missiles and mortar rounds, eliminating them before they could strike. 

The IDF announced that, as of Saturday, it has eliminated over 90 terror squads since the beginning of Operation Swords of Iron. Some of those squads belonged to Hezbollah, while others were from Hamas, other Palestinian militant groups, and the Radwan Unit operating in southern Lebanon. 

In an interview with Army Radio, former Navy Commander Eliezer Marom said the IDF is correct to focus on Gaza first before engaging Hezbollah. 

“The State of Israel correctly decided not to fight a war on two fronts,” Marom said. “We have the ability to do that, but it’s not correct [to do so].” 

“The cabinet did the correct thing when it decided that first we will break Hamas and defeat it, and after that, we will take care of the north.” 

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