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Iranian minister: I was in Hamas' tunnels, trained terrorists to launch missiles

Iran's Heritage Minister Ezzatollah Zarghami says his first task was to deliver missiles to Hamas and Hezbollah

Iranian Heritage Minister Ezzatollah Zarghami (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Last week, Iranian Heritage Minister Ezzatollah Zarghami, formerly a senior general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said in an interview that he himself was in the underground tunnels used by Hamas, and had trained terrorists to launch missiles and rockets.

He also said that upon taking office he realized that his first task was to transfer missiles to Hamas and Hezbollah, and that this is an operation that Iran carries out and is not afraid to admit.

At the beginning of this month, with the help of the “IntelliTimes” intelligence blog, the photos of two key operatives in the technology unit of the Quds Force, Hassan Kadam Qalan and Karim Hojjat Zadeh, were revealed here.

The two activists recently arrived in Lebanon and helped Hezbollah in the field of electronic warfare, against the background of the organization’s fight against Israel.

The activists used the cover as having a job in an Iranian company for the development of technologies in the field of communications and electronics.

Qalan is the head of the company and his deputy is Hojjat Zadeh but they actually operate under the technology branch of Unit 300.

Unit 300 of the Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards is a technological unit that assists cyber and electronic warfare operations and transfers assets and operatives to Syria and Lebanon.

At its head is an Iranian figure named Amir Lashgarehan who was recently seen visiting Syria and Lebanon with Quds Force Commander Esmail Qaani.

Shiraz Tikva is a news correspondent for KAN 11.

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