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Iranian judoka calls on Israel for its support

Iranian judoka Alireza Bahranifard, who is actively involved in the ongoing Iranian anti-regime protests, called on Israel to support the Iranian people.

“On behalf of the people of Iran, I request the Israeli government and people to support my people. Don’t leave us alone, we really need your support,” Bahranifard said to Israeli media. “Iranian and Israeli people have a great friendship and solidarity. Please don’t leave the people alone.” 

Bahranifard, a former member of Iran’s national judo team, delivered his appeal to Israel’s i24NEWS from Germany, where he is now a refugee. He has told the media that his father is in prison because of him and that he is not able to communicate with his family via the internet, since all social media channels are blocked.

Bahranifard also made a statement of support for those in Iran: 

“The brave Iranian people are not sitting quietly, we have started a new revolution in Iran,” he said. As the anti-regime protests stretch on, since their start in September, those who fled the country are watching and chiming in from abroad. 

The vicious death of the 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini – who was beaten in the custody of Iran’s “morality police” for not wearing her hijab “properly” – led to the protests. 

Since they began, at least two other protestors have been killed – executed by the authorities – nine others have been arrested and sentenced to death, and at least 400 have been given prison sentences of up to 10 years. Thousands of others have been taken into custody.

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