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IDF veterans of famous Entebbe rescue operation speak out against Netanyahu

Members of the elite squad say Netanyahu is placing personal interests above Israel’s well-being

Commandos from Sayeret Matkal with the Mercedes they used to deceive the Ugandans (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

Veterans of the Sayeret Matkal, an elite Israel Defense Forces commando squad – famously known for rescuing Israeli and Jewish hostages during the 1976 Entebbe Operation – blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for “sacrificing the State of Israel and the people of Israel for your own interests.” 

Yoni Netanyahu, the prime minister’s older brother, fell in battle while leading the rescue operation, which is hailed as one of the most successful anti-terrorist operations in the history of modern warfare. Prime Minister Netanyahu, himself, also served in the elite Sayeret Matkal force. 

“We were privileged to be among the handful of fighters to break into Entebbe, under our cool-headed and brave commander Yoni Netanyahu, who consciously and with open eyes sacrificed himself for the State of Israel and the people of Israel,” wrote the Entebbe veterans in their letter to the prime minister.

Turning to current events, the elite veterans accused the Netanyahu of placing his personal interests above the Jewish state’s vital interests. 

“It’s sad, but you, Bibi, are consciously – and with open eyes – sacrificing the State of Israel and the people of Israel for your own interests,” they wrote.

In June 1976, Arab and German Red Army (Baader-Meinhof) terrorists hijacked an Air France flight carrying many Israeli and Jewish passengers and flew the plane to Entebbe Airport in Uganda, where the local Idi Amin regime openly cooperated with the terrorists. 

The terrorists threatened to murder the passengers unless the Israeli government agreed to release convicted terrorists. 

On America’s bicentennial anniversary, on July 4, 1976, the elite Israeli commando force, led by Yoni Netanyahu, successfully neutralized the terrorists and rescued the passengers. Following Yoni’s death, the legendary mission was renamed Operation Yoni.

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