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IDF will allow female recruits to try out for most elite commando unit

Israeli female soldiers (Photo: IDF)

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Tuesday that it will begin to recruit women to its most elite unit, the Sayeret Matkal. The announcement was made following a decision by Israel's High Court of Justice in June that the IDF must explain why certain units are off-limits to female recruits.

According to the IDF, in a little more than a year from now, female recruits will be eligible to undergo special physical and psychological screenings to serve as soldiers in combat positions within the Sayeret Matkal, but only if they pass those screenings.

Female soldiers will also be able to serve in the Armored Corps beginning sometime next year, although IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi reportedly does not think enough female recruits will pass the screening tests to serve in the Corps.

Beginning in 2025, the IDF will invite young Israeli female recruits to join the elite Unit 5515, which fulfills special driving-related operations, as long as they pass the screening requirements.

Female recruits who are unable to pass the screening tests will instead be allowed to apply for combat positions where women already serve, such as Unit 669 and Yahalom, which were opened for women last June.

Israelis are divided on the issue of women serving in combat units.

According to an Israel Democracy Institute poll last November, 54% of Israelis believe all elite IDF units should be open to women, whereas 35% disagree with the policy.

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