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WATCH: IDF releases video of Hamas terrorists stealing humanitarian aid, beating Gazan civilians

Israel also accused Hamas of firing rockets from humanitarian zones, endangering civilians

Drone footage Hamas terrorists stealing humanitarian aid from civilians (Photo: Screenshot)

The IDF released drone footage on Saturday that showed Hamas terrorists stealing humanitarian aid from civilians and assaulting them in the northern Gaza Strip neighborhood of Shaja'iya. 

The video shows members of Hamas bringing bags of humanitarian aid into their own vehicles and assaulting civilians who attempt to interfere. The supplies were reportedly taken to a Hamas-controlled location. 

"Hamas members beat civilians and steal the humanitarian aid they received from international organizations - facilitated by Israel. Hamas puts its terrorist goals over Gazans' needs,” Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

The IDF shared a post on X (formerly Twitter) showing the location of Hamas rocket launches from within the al-Mawasi humanitarian zone. 

“Hamas keeps putting Gazans in the line of fire. They fire dozens of rockets from the designated humanitarian zone, rockets that often misfire and put even more Gazans at risk,” the IDF said. 

Just hours earlier, the IDF shared drone footage of Hamas terrorists firing on IDF troops from within a United Nations building in Beit Hanoun. There was no official UN condemnation of the documented Hamas war crime using its facilities. 

On Saturday evening, the IDF announced that soldiers from the 188th Brigade and the 74th Battalion encountered a Hamas terrorist cell within a school compound in the Shaja'iya area. 

The terrorists attempted to draw the soldiers into a deadly ambush but were eliminated. 

The soldiers searched the school grounds and discovered a tunnel shaft inside one of the classrooms. The tunnel route lead to a mosque in the area. 

“This is another example of Hamas’s cynical abuse of schools, they have turned places that should be safe havens for children into hideouts for terrorists,” the IDF statement said. 

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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