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Gantz: ‘We’re not looking to uproot people from their homes, but we will maneuver in all of Gaza’

War cabinet minister responds to US demand that continued ground op not lead to evacuation southern Gaza residents: 'We're committed to ensuring security'

Destroyed buildings from Israeli airstrikes in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Nov. 28, 2023. (Photo: Atia Mohammed/Flash90)

Israeli government minister and member of the War Cabinet Benny Gantz told local Kan News that Israel is “not looking to uproot people from their homes, but we will maneuver in all of Gaza.”

Gantz's statement was made on Wednesday night in response to a question about Washington's demand that the continuation of the ground operation in Gaza not lead to the residents being displaced from their homes in the southern Gaza Strip.

“We are having an honest and important dialogue with the United States and other countries, and explaining to them the need to continue the operation. We are not looking to displace people from their homes or deport anyone,” he said.

“We want and need to guarantee security, and Gaza cannot be allowed to continue like this,” added Gantz.

When asked if the statements are also true for the south of the Gaza Strip, he replied: “Wherever we need to.”

In his statements, the former Israeli defense minister also referred to the additional budgets based on the coalition agreements calling them a “stain on the government.”

According to Gantz, “The 2023 budget contains essential elements for the continuation of the fighting, but unfortunately, also budget additions and allocations that do not pertain to the fighting. Therefore, all the ministers of the state camp voted against it.”

“When hundreds of thousands are mobilized, over a hundred thousand citizens have left their homes and the entire economy has been affected - we must all mobilize,” he added.

Regarding calls that he should resign regarding the issue, Gantz said: “I am aware of the voices that believe we should leave the government, but we are in the most important war since the establishment of the state.”

“I don’t know if some of the decisions that my friends and I had a decisive influence on will ever be revealed. I know that our joining the government is essential, and I certainly know how important the message that was sent by our joining the Israeli society, to the soldiers, to our enemies, and to legitimacy among the international community,” he said.

Yaara Shapira is a news correspondent for KAN 11.

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