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Former 'Prince of Hamas' says Israel needs to ‘finish Hamas rule in Gaza’, says aid should come after Hamas is gone

‘Israel didn’t start this war, Hamas did’ – says civilians should be evacuated before IDF moves in

(Photo: Screenshot/Fox News)

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader who left the terror group, eventually finding freedom in Jesus, says that Israel needs to remove the Hamas government in Gaza.

Yousef, whose story of leaving Hamas and finding faith in Jesus is recounted in the book, Son of Hamas, was interviewed recently about Israel’s war against the Hamas organization on the program “FOX & Friends” on the Fox news channel.

Yousef was adamant about the need to remove the Hamas terror organization from the Gaza Strip.

He said his experiences watching Hamas torture and even kill Palestinians in the 1990s made him realize the organization would become a danger, even to Palestinians, if they ever achieved power.

“I was born at the heart of Hamas leadership,” Yousef told show host Brian Kilmeade. “I know them very well. They don't care for the Palestinian people. They do not regard the human life.”

“If they become a ruling party at some point, what will they do?” he began to consider That was when he realized that Hamas would even kill its own Palestinian population to achieve their goals.

“Today, 25 years later, they are the rulers of Gaza, and we see what they are capable of doing,” Yousef said.

Kilmeade asked Yousef if he supported an Israeli ground campaign into Gaza.

“You know, this is an ugly war,” Yousef said. “And Israel did not start it. Hamas did.”

“First of all, we need to encourage civilians to go into Egypt,” he stated, suggesting that women, children, and men over 50 could be allowed safe passage into Egypt.

“The Strip needs to be cut into two pieces, north and south,” Yousef suggested. “The northern part, this is where most of the tunnels are.”

Yousef said that providing humanitarian aid should not be considered until Hamas is removed.

“As of now, sending any aid is a mistake.”

Yousef also pushed back against the idea that the terror organization is waging a political struggle for the Palestinian people.

“Hamas is not a national movement. Hamas is a religious movement with a goal to establish an Islamic State," Yousef said.

"My understanding is that they are using the Palestinian cause only to achieve their goals, so the long-term goal, you know, is transforming the Middle East and the world into an Islamic State.”

The former Hamas member believes that Israel should focus on the effort to remove Hamas more than the public relations battle.

“It is not the time to win public opinion,” Yousef said, “it is the time to win the war against the most brutal terrorist organization living today.”

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