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Exclusive footage of Hamas terrorists beating Gazans and stealing humanitarian aid

According to a source who spoke with Kan 11, Hamas militants then stole entire contents of trucks for terror organization's use

Hamas terrorists seen stealing humanitarian aid in Gaza (Photo: Screenshot)

The Kan 11 news outlet published a video on Sunday's evening news which showed Hamas terrorists beating Gazan residents who tried to receive food packages from humanitarian aid trucks that entered the Gaza Strip.

In the video, Hamas operatives are seen brutally beating the local residents and, according to a source who spoke with Kan 11, the militants then began stealing the contents of the trucks and transferring them for the terrorist organization's use.

Last night, the IDF provided approximately 300 liters (almost 80 gallons) of diesel fuel for urgent medical purposes for Shifa Hospital, but Hamas prevented its collection.

The IDF released a recording of a conversation today between a senior Israeli official at the Coordination and Liaison Headquarters and an official at the hospital.

He said, "Let's put this fuel on at the Al-Majlis A-Tashri'i Junction. Talk to ***, he will tell you after we place the cans and our forces will move back."

The Israeli soldiers coordinated the placement of the diesel fuel and later the IDF received evidence that Hamas officials prevented the hospital from receiving it.

A senior official in the Gaza Ministry of Health, which is controlled by Hamas, testified to this in a conversation with an IDF officer.

"The Director General of Hamas' Ministry of Health, Yosef Abu Rish, forbids us to accept fuel. We are trying to convince him," the senior Gazan official said.

Elior Levy is a Palestinian and Arab affairs correspondent for KAN 11 News.

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