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Day 32: IDF takes control of Hamas military compound in northern Gaza Strip

Israel denies humanitarian aid disaster in Gaza, says hospitals still running

IDF troops in Gaza, Nov. 7, 2023 (Photo: IDF)

During operations on Monday night, IDF troops secured a military stronghold belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the northern Gaza Strip. 

Inside the compound, soldiers found anti-tank missiles and launchers, weapons and various intelligence materials. 

Additionally, IDF troops located Hamas terrorists in a building next to the al-Quds Hospital, and discovered they were planning to carry out an attack on Israeli forces from that location.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck Hamas targets which led to significant secondary explosions that revealed the presence of a Hamas weapons depot in the civilian area, in violation of international humanitarian law. 

The IDF also announced that reservists from the Negev Brigade of the 551st Brigade, and soldiers from the Yahalom Special Forces Unit, located a number of tunnels inside a home in a residential neighborhood in Beit Hanoun. The tunnels were destroyed. 

The IDF also cleared the release of a report about an IAF airstrike against a group 10-20 Hamas terrorists that had been preparing to ambush Israeli soldiers. The terrorists were only 130 meters (about 425 feet) away from a group of IDF infantry, who were ordered by the IAF to immediately enter their APCs (armored personnel carriers). 

With a drone checking to make sure all infantry were safely in the APCs, the IAF struck the terrorists inside the building, eliminating all of them. 

There were no IDF casualties or injuries as a result of the strike. 

IDF troops in Gaza, Nov. 7, 2023 (Photo: IDF)

During additional operations in Gaza on Tuesday, IDF paratroopers found and exposed terror tunnel shafts next to an amusement park.

An additional Hamas tunnel shaft and a weapons warehouse were found near a university. The weapons warehouse contained chemicals, RPGs, and Claymore mines among other items.

The tunnels were destroyed. 

Throughout the day, Hamas terrorists could be seen hiding inside a mosque. When they left the mosque to approach a nearby tunnel, they were killed in an aerial strike. 

IDF troops uncovered concealed rocket launchers and weapons in a school in Gaza City. The school was used as a base for mortar and rocket launches and various terror activities. 

Israel, once again, called on Gazan civilians to move southward. IDF Arabic Spokesman Avichai Adraee sent a message to the residents of the northern Gaza Strip telling them to head south along the Salah a-Din Road. 

IDF troops provided protection for civilians fleeing south and away from the combat zone during those designated hours. 

Col. Elad Goren, the IDF's Coordination and Liaison Directorate, denied reports of a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, saying, "We are not close to the minimum of the humanitarian situation, as defined by international law.” 

Goren also said that 500 humanitarian aid trucks have entered the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the war, including 70 vehicles on Monday. 

Regarding the fuel supply, he noted: "On the day the war broke out, the hospitals claimed they had only 24 hours of fuel left. And lo and behold, it's been a month and they're still active. Why? Because they have enough alternative energy sources.”  

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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