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Day 104: IDF reports dozens of Hamas terrorists killed in latest round of fighting in Khan Younis

IDF continues to uncover extensive Hamas preparations for ground campaign

IDF forces operating in Gaza (Photo: IDF)

According to an IDF press release on Thursday morning, approximately 40 Hamas terrorists were killed over the past day by Israeli troops during fighting in Khan Younis. 

Acting on IDF intelligence, the troops conducted a targeted raid on the residence of a known Hamas terrorist.

Israeli forces discovered multiple weapons and military supplies in the residence, including grenades, AK-47 rifles, ammunition, equipment and technological assets.

During operations in Khan Younis, soldiers identified four terrorists advancing toward their position. An IDF tank fired towards the terrorists and eliminated the threat. 

Despite announcing operational control of the northern Gaza Strip, there has been continued fighting in the region since the IDF announced it was turning its focus to southern Gaza.

IDF troops eliminated two armed terrorists who were hiding in an apparent attempt to ambush IDF forces. Several aerial strikes were launched against the armed terrorists who posed a threat to IDF forces, including against terrorists operating next to a school. 

In the Sabra neighborhood, IDF soldiers located anti-tank explosives devices, RPG launchers, military equipment and technological assets left for Hamas terrorists to use in rapid attack scenarios. 

Weapons confiscated in IDF raid (Photo: IDF)

In almost every building used by terrorists in Gaza, the IDF has discovered so-called “grab bags” or supplies. This practice is allegedly one of the main 'urban warfare' methods used by Hamas to attack IDF troops in Gaza, wherein fighters leave behind a readied bag of military supplies that can be conveniently accessed by individual terrorists as needed.

At another location in the northern Gaza Strip, IDF troops discovered a group of terrorists rigging a vehicle with explosives as it entered a known Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) compound.

A short while later, when one of the terrorists exited the compound, the IDF simultaneously directed an airstrike that killed the terrorist and caused the rigged vehicle to catch fire, thus revealing that the vehicle was, indeed, armed with explosives.

IDF soldiers in northern Gaza continue to find tunnels and weapons caches, indicating the Hamas terror group's extensive preparation before initiating the Oct. 7 invasion and terror attack.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu predicted that Israel could be operating in Gaza until 2025

The IDF recently announced that its initial calculations regarding the extent of the tunnel network built by Hamas terrorists were too low.

Last month, the IDF believed Hamas had constructed about 250 miles of tunnels, however, based on recent discoveries in Gaza, the new estimate is closer to 450 miles of terror tunnels under the Gaza Strip. 

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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