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‘We have been with you in prayer,’ US Congressman Michael Cloud tells Knesset Day of Prayer and Support for Israel in video message

Read his full prayer below

US House Representative Michael Cloud (R-TX) addresses the Jerusalem Day of Prayer and Support for Israel at the Knesset via a recorded video message, Nov 29, 2023 (Photo: Screenshot)

U.S. House Representative Michael Cloud (R-TX), addressed the Jerusalem Day of Prayer and Support for Israel at the Knesset via a recorded video message on Wednesday. 

The representative, who previously attended a Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast event in Dallas, Texas, and is strong supporter of Israel, shared a simple prayer with the attendees and told them: “We have been with you and support you during this tremendous assault.” 

On his official website, Congressman Cloud wrote: “Israel and the United States share a friendship based not only on common strategic interests but also on a common commitment to freedom, human rights, and the rule of law.” 

He has consistently voted to send military aid to Israel, recognizing that the Jewish state has many enemies. 

At the Dallas event for the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast last year, Cloud said, “It is important at this time that we stand for what is right, what is just and what is true.” 

“There is no moral equivalency when it comes to Israel – a nation that could be destroyed by its enemies in one day. That is why our government stands in support of Israel.” 

However, on this Day of Prayer and Support, Congressman Cloud understood that the hurting people of Israel didn’t need political statements of support, they needed to know that friends and allies are praying for them.

“Our very dear friends in Israel. We want you to know that we have been with you in prayer, we’ve been with you in support during this tremendous assault against the peace and sovereignty of Israel. Even today, we join with you in prayer for your nation,” Cloud said before addressing the following prayer: 

Father God, we come to you, and we pray, Lord, that you continue to keep your hand upon Israel. In this very difficult time, and so many families hurting and broken from the evil tragedy that happened because of this attack against Israel.

Lord, we pray that somehow you bring peace, and healing, and restoration to those families. That you bring provision for those who are displaced from their homes.

For those fighting the righteous battle to protect Israel and to bring justice to evil, Lord, we pray your protection upon those. We pray for wisdom and strategy and protection as they execute justice. 

Lord, we pray for those of us here in the United States, that we would have the courage to continue to stand strong and united with our friend and ally in Israel.

And Lord, we just pray as Psalm 91 [Psalm 23] said, that as they walk through the valley of death, that you will be with them, even though they walk through it, that you are with them. 

Addressing the people of Israel again, Representative Cloud said, “That’s our prayer for you. Know that we are continuing to pray for you and support you. God bless you.

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