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‘Common Sense Man’ makes perfect sense

JP Sears has become well-known for his clever YouTube clips, which often satirize a variety of everyday topics and issues once thought about in a common sense way but which have become either super-charged issues or taboo subjects altogether in today’s politically correct environment.

One such clip is entitled “Common Sense Man – Rescuing America from Idiocy,” featuring JP playing a dual role – a “common sense” person and a typical “Woke” worry-wart/complainer/accuser. 

In this clip, he tackles the themes of our messed-up monetary system, which has led to oppressive inflation, the notion that gender is a social construct, and free speech being censored through media and hi-tech. 

It is, in the midst of all this idiocracy, that superhero, “Common Sense Man,” appears on the horizon, ready to save us from ourselves! 

Sears refers to the time when “mankind became so intelligent, that they decided to no longer use their intelligence.” And that’s where the superhero comes in! Sent to us to restore common sense, he challenges each one of these issues, with, what else, but plain common sense!

The amusing clip is designed to get its listeners to think about what’s happening these days and how it’s attempting to change our ability to use God-given reasoning, logic and, yes, common sense to arrive at sound, rational and coherent thinking. It’s never seemed harder than now.

Each day, we are being challenged to forget what we see, what we’ve been taught all of our lives and what makes perfect sense to us, in favor of replacing it with the latest “conclusions,” whose shelf life ends up being very short-lived in actuality. 

Take the whole idea of gender dysphoria, for example. Most of us can’t remember such maladies being around, from when we were children to just a few years ago. It was an anomaly for a child to believe they had been birthed as the wrong sex and, consequently, needed to remedy that mistake immediately.

One such account was aired recently on Tucker Carlson Tonight,  about a young woman named Chloe Cole, who, at age 13, took puberty blockers and, just two years later, underwent a double mastectomy. She was supported in all of this by her parents, medical professionals and doctors, who were only too anxious to relieve her of her “wrong gender” distress, and wasted no time agreeing to her undergoing irreversible physical interventions, which would change her life forever. 

No one banked on the possibility that Chloe would grow out of her distress eventually and deeply regret the folly of her rushed actions. No one could undo all of the damage already done, even though she was able to re-transition to the physical expression of a young woman. Today, she laments the loss of her female anatomy and willingly speaks openly about her ordeal in order to prevent others from enduring the tragedy she experienced.

Had Chloe’s parents used just a bit of common sense, they might have helped her to understand that, eventually, she would feel differently, adjust to her gender and happily live her life as the woman she was born to be. 

One needn’t look very far to understand the massive industry which has exploded as a result of this newfound gender dysphoria. Hospitals are encouraging gender reassignment procedures in order to enhance their profits. 

One such hospital, Vanderbilt, located in Tennessee, was “forced to pause these surgeries on children following Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s calls for investigation after pressure from social media activists.” 

Matt Walsh, host of the Daily Wire podcast, was first to bring these programs to light, exposing just how lucrative these surgeries have become. Vanderbilt is not unique in this arena.

Then there is the issue of free speech, which not only has been denigrated but also repackaged as “misinformation” or “disinformation.” This clever rebranding has made it possible to shut down undesirable speech (code for free speech that is disliked). Such discourse is a threat to those whose sensitivities would be ruffled by positions they are just not equipped to hear. 

Common sense would tell you that listening to another position doesn’t mean you automatically agree. Another option is just choosing not to listen. How about that!

And, of course, let’s not forget the nonsense, which defies all common sense, that men can get pregnant – confirmed by the newly added smartphone emoji depicting a bearded man with a large stomach, which is supposed to be housing a baby – because that always existed, right?

But common sense does not work in a scenario which is intended to only present one side or advance only one thought pattern. Common sense actually gets in the way and serves no good purpose for agenda-driven zealots!

Finally, there is the matter of failing economies and the factors which contribute to their demise – everything from printing too much money to placing the climate agenda before facilitating the everyday needs and common-sense functions of mankind. This includes beloved renewables which have proven to fall woefully short in providing sufficient energy and heat, which are so essential to every human being. 

Again, be sure to follow the money on these things, because the climate industry might be the biggest of all as it relates to corrupt monetary gain! 

Injecting common sense to resolve these problems would be antithetical to the system of free-flowing, endless cash being poured into the coffers of those who threw out common sense, along with their consciences, long ago.

We do, indeed, need Common Sense Man to rise to the occasion; and, while the thought of a real superhero, who is able to come and rescue us from ourselves, is a great hope, the truth is that we are all Common Sense Man and Woman, when each one of us rejects the idiocy that has resulted from a conscious turning away from God Almighty, the lack of regard for our fellow man and the obsessive need to pursue wealth at all costs.

No one should be intimidated or afraid to draw the line against those who would cause you to abandon all reason in favor of ideas and actions that lead to the marginalization of thought, free choice, democracy and the right to be heard. 

Common sense remains the smartest and best asset God gave us to remain blessed as well as a source of blessing to others! 


A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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