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China calls to end war in Gaza, establish a two-state solution amid continued Hamas aggression against Israel

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi holds a press conference, in Cairo, Egypt January 14, 2024. (Photo: REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged international pressure to end Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza and called for the implementation of the two-state solution amid continued aggression by the terror organization Hamas against Israel.

"China calls for the convening of a larger-scale, more authoritative and more effective international peace conference, the formulation of a specific timetable and road map for the implementation of the 'two-state solution', and support for the prompt resumption of Israel-Palestinian peace talks," the Chinese foreign minister stated following talks with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry.

The Chinese and Egyptian foreign ministers reportedly urged “influential countries” to embrace a more proactive role in the Middle East.

"Influential countries, in particular, need to play an objective, impartial and constructive role in this regard," read the official joint Egyptian-Chinese joint statement.

In addition to Egypt, Wang will visit Tunisia and the African states of Togo and the Ivory Coast. China's top diplomat noted that President Xi Jinping recently had "in-depth communication" with Iranian and Saudi leaders in an alleged effort to decrease the high tensions across the Middle East.

Like the West, China and Egypt are concerned about the growing attacks on international shipping vessels in the Red Sea by the Iranian-backed Houthi terror militia in Yemen. Egypt’s Suez Canal revenues have reportedly dropped by 40% because many international vessels have been avoiding Red Sea lanes out of fear of Houthi attacks. Some 15% of the world’s trade reportedly passes through the strategically important Red Sea and Suez Canal.

China has strong commercial interests in the Middle East that include investments in the Israeli tech sector, as well as extensive oil trade with Iran. Unlike Western democracies, the Chinese regime has not condemned the Hamas terror group for the atrocities it committed on Oct. 7, when it invaded and massacred 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians including women, children and elderly.

China’s unwillingness to condemn Hamas is likely linked to its strong ties with Hamas patron, the Republic of Iran.

In January 2022, China and Iran signed a strategic partnership where Iran would reportedly receive $400 billion in exchange for a greater Chinese commercial and political influence in Iran and the wider Middle East.

Washington’s decision to reduce its involvement in the Middle East has created a regional power vacuum, which has been increasingly filled by the regional power Iran, as well as the global powers China and Russia.

China also has a growing military influence in the combustible Middle East region. Israeli forces recently discovered a large amount of Chinese weaponry in the Gaza Strip, which was used by terrorists operating in Gaza.

Carice Witte, an expert on Chinese-Israeli ties and the founder and CEO of SIGNAL Group, confirmed that the Chinese military industry exports to Middle East nations but usually not to non-state actors, such as Hamas.

“By definition, it does not sell weapons to non-state entities, it certainly does sell weapons to countries in the [Middle East],” Witte assessed.

“Trade relations between China and Middle Eastern nations are well known, even with those sanctioned by the West,” she added, likely referring to the Islamic Republic of Iran. ”It is not impossible that such weaponry ends up in the wrong hands,” Witte concluded.

In the meantime, the Iranian regime continues its effort to provide various weapons to its regional terror proxies, such as Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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