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Israel-Gaza conflict

Thursday afternoon: Israel shoots down two drones; More than 100 rockets launched at Israel

Residents of the south told to stay in their homes, doors locked; Civil violence continues around the nation

Israeli security forces at the scene where a fragment of a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in south Tel Aviv, May 13, 2021. (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90)

The Israel Defense Forces called up 7,000 reserves and is preparing for a possible ground invasion.

Visiting the site of one of Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile systems, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "This is going to take more time."

More than 100 rockets were launched at Israel in just a few minutes this afternoon throughout the center of the country, from the Gaza border all the way to Tel Aviv and even east toward Eilat.

No injuries were reported, but a large percentage of Israeli citizens were spending the day in bomb shelters.

As rockets neared central Israel, Ben-Gurion International Airport was closed again this morning. But when it reopened, several international airlines had already decided to cancel all flights to Israel through Saturday.

Meanwhile, two drones from Gaza were shot down by Israeli forces in communities near the Gaza border where residents were ordered to stay inside until further notice with doors locked.

Ten Border Police units have also been called up to deal with civil unrest between Jewish and Arab citizens, which is ramping up and has spread throughout the country. In the Negev, rioters brought down light poles on the highway.

Israeli forces have leveled several buildings in Gaza over the last two days, more than 600 targets, according to the army.

Nicole Jansezian is the news editor for both ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS and senior correspondent for ALL ISRAEL NEWS

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