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Body of Israeli snatched by Palestinian terrorists returned to his family

Suspects allegedly believed Fero was an Israeli soldier and that his body could be used for a body swap

The family of Tiran Fero, an Israeli teenager whose body was snatched from a hospital in Jenin by Palestinian gunmen, meets with security officials as his body is returned to Israel, Nov. 23, 2022. (Photo: COGAT spokesperson's office)

After a car accident that placed Druze Israeli teenager Tiran Fero on life support in a Jenin hospital, the group of Palestinian terrorists that snatched him from the hospital returned Fero’s body to his family.

The suspects involved in the incident allegedly believed Fero was an Israeli soldier and that his body could be used in a body swap; Fero was not a soldier but a high school senior in the mostly Druze town of Daliyat al-Karmel. 

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, the boy’s body was returned with no quid pro quo on Israel’s part. 

“After efforts by the [Israeli] security establishment in coordination with the Palestinian Authority, the body of Tiran Fero, the young Israeli killed in a car accident in Jenin, is now being transferred to his family in Israel,” said the IDF in a statement released early Thursday.  

Following the body’s return, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid released a statement “sending heartfelt condolences to the Fero family and the entire Druze community on the tragic death of Tiran, who was supposed to celebrate his 18th birthday today.” 

“Returning his body to his family is the least we could do to bring solace to their home,” Lapid stated. “I thank everyone who worked in the past day to bring about this sad closure.”

The car accident that began the chain of events leading to Fero’s death happened Tuesday, as he drove with a friend in the Jenin area. 

After the pair was transferred to Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital in nearby Jenin, 20-30 armed men entered the hospital and removed Fero from life support before taking him, said his uncle, Edri Fero, a firsthand witness.

“This is murder. It’s a terrorist attack. He was sedated and on life support; he was alive. They were shooting in the air and shouting in Arabic … nobody dared to stop them. They disconnected him from the machines and tossed him into a car,” he said. 

After Fero’s kidnapping, his friend, who was also seriously injured in the car crash, was reportedly rushed to a checkpoint and taken to an Israeli hospital.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, tweeted his thanks to the Palestinian Authority for their assistance in the return of the teenager’s body: “This is a basic humanitarian step following a humiliating and inhumane action.”

“I want to thank security forces and all bodies, leaders, and representatives that worked with determination for his return. My sincerest condolences to the family who showed greatness and leadership during these difficult moments,” he wrote.

According to anonymous security officials, the terrorists demanded the release of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel or the bodies of deceased Palestinian terrorists being held by Israel in exchange for Fero.

The kidnapping of Fero greatly angered the Israeli Druze community, and on Wednesday, thousands demonstrated in Daliyat al-Karmel and at a protest march, blocking off a major highway. Masked gunmen also issued threats to enter Jenin themselves and take back the body. 

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