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The terrorism of anti-Israel activists

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators march during a rally on the 48th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day on March 30, 2023 in New York City. (Photo: Michael Nigro/Sipa USA)

You’d think that anyone calling for a ceasefire must be an advocate of peace and in favor of ending conflict, but the actions of the anti-Israel activists have attested to exactly the opposite.

Barging into the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC on the eve of Easter Sunday, in order to completely disrupt the annual Easter Vigil Service, these so-called peaceniks began shouting, “Free Palestine” while simultaneously unfurling a banner which read, “Silence = Death.” Quickly arresting three, the police had to forcibly remove them after they’d already wreaked havoc.

Scenes such as this are not an anomaly as pro-Palestinian activists continue to get their message across, employing the most threatening and intimidating tactics, in an attempt to bully others into adopting their position, successfully making it clear that no place will be safe or exempt from these types of alarming and menacing outbreaks, until their demands are met.

If that is not a form of terrorism, what is? This is the strategy which works, both to distance Jews and other pro-Israel sympathizers from the area which the activists have taken over or for the purpose of having events cancelled, citing the danger which may arise from potentially violent clashes. As long as they are an effective means of subversion, it’s likely that they will not stop any time soon.

No one knows this better than the Democratic party which has had to learn this lesson, following the massacre which took place on October 7, when the well-contained fire of antisemitism, finally burst, yet again, into uncontrollable flames. Having had a first-hand look at how these activists no longer respect the politicians, with whom they are most aligned, leaders of the party have had to scramble in order to do their best to placate the sudden wildfire of unexplained hate, while, at the same time, trying to maintain a modicum of reasonableness towards the more moderate wing which has always supported Israel.

Just last Thursday night, another example of this type of venomous eruption took place at what was intended to be a high-priced, glitzy Democrat fundraiser, featuring former presidents Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and President Joe Biden, along with celebrities such as Lizzo and Stephen Colbert. Outside of Radio City Music Hall, where the event took place, “hundreds of anti-Israel protesters descended …as part of a ‘flood Manhattan for Gaza’ demonstration.” Shouting “Free, free Palestine, others resorted to the usual profanity-laced epithets, directed at Biden while denouncing him, and his party as ‘war criminals.’”

Ironically, as they called for “Intifada,” (holy war), as part of a planned revolution to course change, the message of “ceasefire” seemed to get lost as the stronger inclination towards violence and force dominated.

But while these activist protesters concentrate their efforts on the political leaders whom they hope to drag to their side, one way or another, they are also targeting Jewish venues that are no longer free from the frenzied storm, which accompanies mob rule, meant to frighten attendees and upend whatever event or happening was planned.

One such example occurred a couple of days ago at a New Jersey synagogue, culminating in an “angry mob of anti-Israel protesters who descended on a synagogue in the town of Teaneck, venting their anger against a group of Israeli paramedics who visited to discuss their experiences after the October 7 attack.”

These were the same individuals who work for ZAKA, the international organization which buried those slaughtered in the massacre. Already traumatized from the haunting images of that unforgettable and infamous day, now they were forced to confront enraged activists who, despite knowing nothing of the horrors that these workers experienced, or the dangers they faced, employed their performance art rage as a way to further terrorize.

Two Philadelphia synagogues have been vandalized in recent days, following other attacks on Jewish institutions, all in an effort to send a very scary message to the Jewish community in that proximity.

This type of targeted anarchy is what is happening on campuses, places of worship and just about every locale, where Jews or those who support them gather. It is nothing more than a methodically organized campaign of terror that is meant to shame, manipulate and control the determination of victimhood, outcome of war and the justice which they deem to be socially correct. In short, it’s mob rule, based on 100% raw emotion, which has no room for context, background, history or reasoned logic. 

We’ve seen it throughout centuries, mostly during very unenlightened periods when tyrants ruled and power was forcibly seized by bad people. It is happening again as these terrorizing mobs invoke their right to protest, under the protected guise of activism. But let’s call it what it is. 

These are ignorant, uninformed individuals, who are doing the bidding of the green-headbanded murderers, rapists, sadists and barbarians, devoid of all humanity and who lack a working conscience. While they may deny that characterization, they, nonetheless, must admit that calling for an intifada, in the absence of a ceasefire, to a war that is eradicating the haters of mankind, is tantamount to throwing in with the savages.

For them, it has become a cool, new, trendy pastime, which is helping them to feel as if they are worthwhile members of society, merely championing the cause of the forgotten and disenfranchised outcasts who dwell in the Middle East. But it’s, in effect, a gift to the enemies of every man, woman and child who loves freedom and the ability to make their own life choices without fear of being terrorized in order to conform to the dark and oppressive path of those who believe that there is only one way which is not optional but mandatory.

Placating these activists will only result in their empowerment, which will then embolden their actions to push even deeper as they feel the preliminary success of their coercive methods.

The terrorism of anti-Israel activists has become a blight on our society, which has spread throughout the four corners of the earth and which, if not contained, will lead us back to the darkest ages that we have ever known in the history of mankind.

The only way to stop this in its tracks, is to be proactive to the threat. Just as with any spreading cancer, which endangers the healthy cells within the body, there must be an excising of the growth which is causing the sickness, otherwise, death will be the inevitable outcome. Because to allow this to fester is to facilitate the kind of evil which we saw just six months ago – one which will go to whatever length is necessary in order to attain its goal. The number of casualties is a mere triviality. 

Exposing these actions and the people taking part in them, turning the shame back on them, is the only way to bring light to this very dark place where activist terrorists do their dirty work under the cover of anonymity. It’s time that we uncover the unjustified hatred that has no place in a civilized society, because if we don’t, it will overtake us and be the undoing of all decent people who stand to lose everything. 

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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