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Project David’s Shield - helping and standing with Israel's physical guardian

(Photo: CFI)

“If your people go out to fight their enemies, no matter by which way you send them, and they pray to you toward the city you chose and the house I built for your name; then, from heaven, hear their prayer and plea, and uphold their cause.” (2 Chronicles 6:34-35)

Since the late 1990s, Christian Friends of Israel Jerusalem (CFI) has been reaching out to IDF army bases around the country.

Over the years countless cups filled with blessings for the soldiers of Israel who guard the nation of Israel and keep her citizens safe have been blessed through the efforts begun by its co-founders.

On the first visit to an army base, Ray and Sharon Sanders, were asked the question: “Christians? You want to help us? We have never had Christians wanting to help us?”

It was then that the first base received a brand new video recorder for the soldiers so that when they came back to base, they could watch while resting from front-line duties.

Since that year over 25 IDF bases have been visited every year on a regular basis through the Project David’s Shield.

All the blessings for the soldiers flow in from the nations of the world and are used for personal items that the soldiers coming from various backgrounds are in need of, such as warm jackets, backpacks, special headgear, boots, knee pads, gloves, scarves, tents, flashlights, thermal clothing and much more. Each gift is personal for the soldiers from various units, brigades and battalions.

The reaction has been tremendous and many walls have been broken down. Immediately the IDF knew we were their true friends and have always welcomed our trained staff (some former military experience).

The bases have poured out their warmth and grateful hearts in so many ways, it is impossible to write it all down, says Sharon Sanders. “Ray and I tried to sing Hatikva to them during our visit to the first base…even if it was far from perfect, they loved it…and have allowed us to speak to the soldiers through the years.”

Just recently, when CFI staff took super warm jackets to the soldiers in need of them, Sharon Sanders was permitted to speak to 400 Golani soldiers.

Speaking from the heart about their important work doing a holy duty to protect God’s Land, she told them “You are not fighting just for the nation but you are fighting for the Name of the God of Israel. You are the caretakers of His Land.”

These young men of Israel fight like the lions of Judah. They are fathers and sons of this nation, many of whom are now are beginning to see their destiny as a nation once again. We must support them.

Christian Friends of Israel salutes the fighting men and women of Israel to protect this special nation and encourages the nations to pray around the clock for their safety, security and redemption.

What better way to tear down the walls and repair damage done in the name of Christianity than to support the ongoing work of the IDF who when they enter harm’s way do not know if they will return to see their families.

And so, for CFI, over its nearly 32 years, the words spoken to encourage stamina, looking to the Almighty, knowing they are doing what is right and fighting for country and destiny, has been a great experience to all who have been intimately involved in our long term service with our Project David’s Shield. Because of God and these fighting men willing to sacrifice their lives, we can all say together with certainty in our hearts, “Am Israel Chai!”

Ron Leonard serves as spokesperson for "David's Shield," Christian Friends Of Israel's IDF Outreach USA.

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