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Anti-Jewish bias is no longer being hidden

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It only took two months, shy of one day, for Planned Parenthood to finally condemn the horrific sexual attacks that were perpetrated on Israeli women, as a result of the Oct. 7 savage Hamas massacre.  

After a mounting pressure campaign, by certain honest, unrelenting media outlets – exposing a number of prominent feminist and women’s organizations which remained silent, in light of well-documented footage, photographs, forensic examinations and eyewitness accounts – the lack of any strong condemnation became increasingly untenable in the wake of the mounting flood of criticism.  

Finally, the long-overdue acknowledgement that Hamas terrorists killed over a thousand civilians, kidnapped over 200 hostages and sexually assaulted women and girls, was echoed by the organization better known for preventing the entrance of more females into the world. 

Their statement, excluding the Jewish ethnicity of the women who were violated, read: “Planned Parenthood unequivocally condemns the atrocities committed by Hamas, and rape as an act of war in any conflict.”

Given the termination of lives which is, in large part, the services performed by Planned Parenthood, their very delayed response should come as no surprise to anyone. But what is the excuse for Democratic Women’s Caucus, Emily’s List, the World Health Organization, AAUW (American Association of University Women), Women’s March on Washington, NOW (National Organization for Women) and I Stand With Her, all organizations which supposedly champion the rights of women but all of whom have remained silent?

Ironically, AAUW, on their website, boasts their “empowerment of women since 1881,” apparently, not so much in the year 2023 and not so much if they happen to be Israeli women. 

In an article by Haaretz, entitled, “Too Little, Too Late,” writer Ben Samuels reveals that an initial statement on Oct. 13 from UN Women only centered on Palestinians. Further, “it tweeted, then deleted a statement condemning the Hamas attack.” It wasn’t until “nearly two months after earning widespread condemnation for failing to appropriately decry the gender-based atrocities” that they finally issued a statement which read: “We are alarmed by the numerous accounts of gender-based atrocities and sexual violence during those attacks. This is why we have called for all accounts of gender-based violence to be duly investigated and prosecuted with the rights of the victim at the core.”

In response, Shany Granot-Lubaton, head of the Civil Commission on Hamas' Crimes Against Women and Children commented by saying, “Good morning to Sima Bahous, Executive Director of UN Women, who, after 8 weeks, found it appropriate to condemn the atrocities committed against women and children on October 7. Unfortunately, you didn’t think this topic was worthy enough to dedicate one message only to this. Among the many dozens of statements you make, and like all the others – this statement also opens with a condemnation of Israel and only after it, is a reference to the Israeli girls and women who went through hell…This statement is too little, too late, and with a weak call to action. Shame on you, Sima Bahous – you and the entire leadership of UN WOMEN.”

All of this, undoubtedly, was the impetus for calls that UN Sec.-Gen. António Guterres resign, as Israel's UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan stated, “The Jewish people are facing a wave of hatred not seen in almost 80 years. And nowhere is this wave of Jew-hatred clearer than at the United Nations. The UN was founded on the ashes of the Holocaust to prevent atrocities. It is looked at as the bastion of civilization, a moral compass that all nations should follow. Sadly, the UN has failed spectacularly to carry out its mandate.”

All of these organizations have one thing in common. While their raison d’etre is supposedly dedicated to the protection and betterment of humanity, many focusing exclusively on women, they are intrinsically and symbiotically aligned with a leftist, progressive agenda which only seeks to protect and advance their preferred causes and people who they see as righteous, worthy and in need of propping up. 

It was the Oct. 7 massacre that shined a massive spotlight on this glaring hypocrisy, catching these groups red-handed in their anti-Jewish bias, which they had no choice but to finally address once it became too embarrassing for them to continue to ignore.

While there may not be much hope for the end to the obvious and blatant bigotry which, at best, tries to reduce everything to a level playing field and, at worst, blames Israel and the Jews, we are, at the very least, able to witness an unequivocal propensity to paint the Jewish homeland and her people, by extension, as the evil culprits who have caused decades of pain and suffering for the so-called Palestinian people.  

It is only through that dishonest kind of portrayal that corrupt Arab countries, their governments and leaders can be exonerated and cleared of all charges when it comes to hanging out these people to dry, using them as pawns in their political games, whose roads are paved with gold that financially benefit them. It’s this never-ending sport, which was cleverly invented by brutal and heartless players, who not only figured out how to abandon their own but how to look like the heroes when doing so. After all, they are the ones who get to negotiate the terms of hostage release, the rules of war, and everything else that’s applicable.

Organizations, such as the UN and advocates for women’s rights are also part of the game. Their silence and tightly shut eyes make them complicit in the ongoing suffering, evil abuse and prolonged distress of a convenient population for whom they only champion when it serves to injure and malign the Jewish nation. It truly is diabolically clever but has finally exposed them for the phony and disingenuous piety that they so love to pretend exists as their holy grail.

One by one, these fraudulent and shameful bodies of corruption, whose well-financed leaders have only served to hide their despicable agendas, which do anything but aid mankind, must be exposed, denounced and disbanded. They have no redeeming value, exist merely to further power and wealth of those who run them, and their immoral and unjust scales are the true cause of human suffering and degradation.

While we all had an inkling that this was happening, it took this tragedy to reveal, in detail, the shocking extent under which it has been operating. Consequently, we have no choice. All decent and moral people must stand as judges and arbiters in the court of humanity in order to rightly point the finger and condemn the true evildoers who are the facilitators of suffering!   

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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